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gfxPoint Struct Reference

#include <gfxPoint.h>

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Public Member Functions

 gfxPoint ()
 gfxPoint (const gfxPoint &p)
 gfxPoint (gfxFloat _x, gfxFloat _y)
void MoveTo (gfxFloat aX, gfxFloat aY)
int operator== (const gfxPoint &p) const
int operator!= (const gfxPoint &p) const
const gfxPointoperator+= (const gfxPoint &p)
gfxPoint operator+ (const gfxPoint &p) const
gfxPoint operator+ (const gfxSize &s) const
gfxPoint operator- (const gfxPoint &p) const
gfxPoint operator- (const gfxSize &s) const
gfxPoint operator- () const
gfxPoint operator* (const gfxFloat v) const
gfxPoint operator/ (const gfxFloat v) const
gfxPointRound ()

Public Attributes

gfxFloat x
gfxFloat y

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gfxPoint::gfxPoint (  )  [inline]
gfxPoint::gfxPoint ( const gfxPoint p  )  [inline]
gfxPoint::gfxPoint ( gfxFloat  _x,
gfxFloat  _y 
) [inline]

Member Function Documentation

void gfxPoint::MoveTo ( gfxFloat  aX,
gfxFloat  aY 
) [inline]
int gfxPoint::operator!= ( const gfxPoint p  )  const [inline]
gfxPoint gfxPoint::operator* ( const gfxFloat  v  )  const [inline]
gfxPoint gfxPoint::operator+ ( const gfxPoint p  )  const [inline]
gfxPoint gfxPoint::operator+ ( const gfxSize s  )  const [inline]
const gfxPoint& gfxPoint::operator+= ( const gfxPoint p  )  [inline]
gfxPoint gfxPoint::operator- ( const gfxPoint p  )  const [inline]
gfxPoint gfxPoint::operator- ( const gfxSize s  )  const [inline]
gfxPoint gfxPoint::operator- (  )  const [inline]
gfxPoint gfxPoint::operator/ ( const gfxFloat  v  )  const [inline]
int gfxPoint::operator== ( const gfxPoint p  )  const [inline]
gfxPoint& gfxPoint::Round (  )  [inline]

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