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_CorePart Struct Reference

#include <gtk2xtbin.h>

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Public Attributes

Widget self
WidgetClass widget_class
Widget parent
XrmName xrm_name
Boolean being_destroyed
XtCallbackList destroy_callbacks
XtPointer constraints
Position x
Position y
Dimension width
Dimension height
Dimension border_width
Boolean managed
Boolean sensitive
Boolean ancestor_sensitive
XtEventTable event_table
XtTMRec tm
XtTranslations accelerators
Pixel border_pixel
Pixmap border_pixmap
WidgetList popup_list
Cardinal num_popups
String name
Screen * screen
Colormap colormap
Window window
Cardinal depth
Pixel background_pixel
Pixmap background_pixmap
Boolean visible
Boolean mapped_when_managed

Member Data Documentation

XtTranslations _CorePart::accelerators
Cardinal _CorePart::depth
XtEventTable _CorePart::event_table
Dimension _CorePart::height
Dimension _CorePart::width
Position _CorePart::x
Position _CorePart::y

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