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PLHashAllocOps Struct Reference

#include <plhash.h>

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Public Attributes

void *(* allocTable )(void *pool, PRSize size)
void(* freeTable )(void *pool, void *item)
PLHashEntry *(* allocEntry )(void *pool, const void *key)
void(* freeEntry )(void *pool, PLHashEntry *he, PRUintn flag)

Member Data Documentation

PLHashEntry *(* PLHashAllocOps::allocEntry)(void *pool, const void *key)
void *(* PLHashAllocOps::allocTable)(void *pool, PRSize size)
void(* PLHashAllocOps::freeEntry)(void *pool, PLHashEntry *he, PRUintn flag)
void(* PLHashAllocOps::freeTable)(void *pool, void *item)

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