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JSCompartment Struct Reference

#include <jscompartment.h>

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Public Member Functions

 JSCompartment (JSRuntime *cx)
 ~JSCompartment ()
bool init ()
void mark (JSTracer *trc)
bool wrap (JSContext *cx, js::Value *vp)
bool wrap (JSContext *cx, JSString **strp)
bool wrap (JSContext *cx, JSObject **objp)
bool wrapId (JSContext *cx, jsid *idp)
bool wrap (JSContext *cx, js::PropertyOp *op)
bool wrap (JSContext *cx, js::PropertyDescriptor *desc)
bool wrap (JSContext *cx, js::AutoIdVector &props)
void sweep (JSContext *cx, uint32 releaseInterval)
void purge (JSContext *cx)
void finishArenaLists ()
void finalizeObjectArenaLists (JSContext *cx)
void finalizeStringArenaLists (JSContext *cx)
bool arenaListsAreEmpty ()
void setGCLastBytes (size_t lastBytes)
js::MathCachegetMathCache (JSContext *cx)

Public Attributes

js::gc::ArenaList arenas [js::gc::FINALIZE_LIMIT]
js::gc::FreeLists freeLists
size_t gcBytes
size_t gcTriggerBytes
size_t gcLastBytes
js::TraceMonitor traceMonitor
JSScriptscriptsToGC [((JSUint32) 1<< (6))]
void * data
bool marked
bool active
js::WrapperMap crossCompartmentWrappers
js::mjit::JaegerCompartment * jaegerCompartment
bool debugMode
JSCList scripts
JSC::ExecutableAllocator * regExpAllocator
js::NativeIterCache nativeIterCache

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

JSCompartment::JSCompartment ( JSRuntime cx  ) 
JSCompartment::~JSCompartment (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

bool JSCompartment::arenaListsAreEmpty (  ) 
void JSCompartment::finalizeObjectArenaLists ( JSContext cx  ) 
void JSCompartment::finalizeStringArenaLists ( JSContext cx  ) 
void JSCompartment::finishArenaLists (  ) 
js::MathCache* JSCompartment::getMathCache ( JSContext cx  )  [inline]
bool JSCompartment::init (  ) 
void JSCompartment::mark ( JSTracer trc  ) 
void JSCompartment::purge ( JSContext cx  ) 
void JSCompartment::setGCLastBytes ( size_t  lastBytes  ) 
void JSCompartment::sweep ( JSContext cx,
uint32  releaseInterval 
bool JSCompartment::wrap ( JSContext cx,
js::AutoIdVector props 
bool JSCompartment::wrap ( JSContext cx,
js::PropertyDescriptor desc 
bool JSCompartment::wrap ( JSContext cx,
JSString **  strp 
bool JSCompartment::wrap ( JSContext cx,
JSObject **  objp 
bool JSCompartment::wrap ( JSContext cx,
js::PropertyOp op 
bool JSCompartment::wrap ( JSContext cx,
js::Value vp 
bool JSCompartment::wrapId ( JSContext cx,
jsid idp 

Member Data Documentation

js::gc::ArenaList JSCompartment::arenas[js::gc::FINALIZE_LIMIT]
js::mjit::JaegerCompartment* JSCompartment::jaegerCompartment
JSC::ExecutableAllocator* JSCompartment::regExpAllocator

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