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This is the documentation fot the libnestegg C API. libnestegg is a demultiplexing library for Matroska and WebMedia media files.

Example code

    nestegg * demux_ctx;
    nestegg_init(&demux_ctx, io, NULL);

    nestegg_packet * pkt;
    while ((r = nestegg_read_packet(demux_ctx, &pkt)) > 0) {
      unsigned int track;

      nestegg_packet_track(pkt, &track);

      // This example decodes the first track only.
      if (track == 0) {
        unsigned int chunk, chunks;

        nestegg_packet_count(pkt, &chunks);

        // Decode each chunk of data.
        for (chunk = 0; chunk < chunks; ++chunk) {
          unsigned char * data;
          size_t data_size;

          nestegg_packet_data(pkt, chunk, &data, &data_size);

          example_codec_decode(codec_ctx, data, data_size);