nsIMsgFilterList Interface Reference

import "nsIMsgFilterList.idl";

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Public Member Functions

nsIMsgFilter getFilterAt (in unsigned long filterIndex)
nsIMsgFilter getFilterNamed (in AString filterName)
void setFilterAt (in unsigned long filterIndex, in nsIMsgFilter filter)
void removeFilter (in nsIMsgFilter filter)
void removeFilterAt (in unsigned long filterIndex)
void moveFilterAt (in unsigned long filterIndex, in nsMsgFilterMotionValue motion)
void moveFilter (in nsIMsgFilter filter, in nsMsgFilterMotionValue motion)
void insertFilterAt (in unsigned long filterIndex, in nsIMsgFilter filter)
nsIMsgFilter createFilter (in AString name)
void saveToFile (in nsIOutputStream stream)
void parseCondition (in nsIMsgFilter aFilter, in string condition)
void saveToDefaultFile ()
void applyFiltersToHdr (in nsMsgFilterTypeType filterType, in nsIMsgDBHdr msgHdr, in nsIMsgFolder folder, in nsIMsgDatabase db, in string headers, in unsigned long headerSize, in nsIMsgFilterHitNotify listener, in nsIMsgWindow msgWindow, in nsILocalFile aMessageFile)
void writeIntAttr (in nsMsgFilterFileAttribValue attrib, in long value, in nsIOutputStream stream)
void writeStrAttr (in nsMsgFilterFileAttribValue attrib, in string value, in nsIOutputStream stream)
void writeWstrAttr (in nsMsgFilterFileAttribValue attrib, in wstring value, in nsIOutputStream stream)
void writeBoolAttr (in nsMsgFilterFileAttribValue attrib, in boolean value, in nsIOutputStream stream)
boolean matchOrChangeFilterTarget (in ACString oldUri, in ACString newUri, in boolean caseInsensitive)
void clearLog ()
void ensureLogFile ()
void flushLogIfNecessary ()

Public Attributes

const nsMsgFilterFileAttribValue attribNone = 0
const nsMsgFilterFileAttribValue attribVersion = 1
const nsMsgFilterFileAttribValue attribLogging = 2
const nsMsgFilterFileAttribValue attribName = 3
const nsMsgFilterFileAttribValue attribEnabled = 4
const nsMsgFilterFileAttribValue attribDescription = 5
const nsMsgFilterFileAttribValue attribType = 6
const nsMsgFilterFileAttribValue attribScriptFile = 7
const nsMsgFilterFileAttribValue attribAction = 8
const nsMsgFilterFileAttribValue attribActionValue = 9
const nsMsgFilterFileAttribValue attribCondition = 10
attribute nsIMsgFolder folder
readonly attribute short version
readonly attribute ACString arbitraryHeaders
readonly attribute boolean shouldDownloadAllHeaders
readonly attribute unsigned long filterCount
attribute boolean loggingEnabled
attribute nsILocalFile defaultFile
attribute nsIOutputStream logStream
readonly attribute ACString logURL

Member Function Documentation

nsIMsgFilter nsIMsgFilterList::getFilterAt ( in unsigned long  filterIndex  ) 

nsIMsgFilter nsIMsgFilterList::getFilterNamed ( in AString  filterName  ) 

void nsIMsgFilterList::setFilterAt ( in unsigned long  filterIndex,
in nsIMsgFilter  filter 

void nsIMsgFilterList::removeFilter ( in nsIMsgFilter  filter  ) 

void nsIMsgFilterList::removeFilterAt ( in unsigned long  filterIndex  ) 

void nsIMsgFilterList::moveFilterAt ( in unsigned long  filterIndex,
in nsMsgFilterMotionValue  motion 

void nsIMsgFilterList::moveFilter ( in nsIMsgFilter  filter,
in nsMsgFilterMotionValue  motion 

void nsIMsgFilterList::insertFilterAt ( in unsigned long  filterIndex,
in nsIMsgFilter  filter 

nsIMsgFilter nsIMsgFilterList::createFilter ( in AString  name  ) 

void nsIMsgFilterList::saveToFile ( in nsIOutputStream  stream  ) 

void nsIMsgFilterList::parseCondition ( in nsIMsgFilter  aFilter,
in string  condition 

void nsIMsgFilterList::saveToDefaultFile (  ) 

void nsIMsgFilterList::applyFiltersToHdr ( in nsMsgFilterTypeType  filterType,
in nsIMsgDBHdr  msgHdr,
in nsIMsgFolder  folder,
in nsIMsgDatabase  db,
in string  headers,
in unsigned long  headerSize,
in nsIMsgFilterHitNotify  listener,
in nsIMsgWindow  msgWindow,
in nsILocalFile  aMessageFile 

void nsIMsgFilterList::writeIntAttr ( in nsMsgFilterFileAttribValue  attrib,
in long  value,
in nsIOutputStream  stream 

void nsIMsgFilterList::writeStrAttr ( in nsMsgFilterFileAttribValue  attrib,
in string  value,
in nsIOutputStream  stream 

void nsIMsgFilterList::writeWstrAttr ( in nsMsgFilterFileAttribValue  attrib,
in wstring  value,
in nsIOutputStream  stream 

void nsIMsgFilterList::writeBoolAttr ( in nsMsgFilterFileAttribValue  attrib,
in boolean  value,
in nsIOutputStream  stream 

boolean nsIMsgFilterList::matchOrChangeFilterTarget ( in ACString  oldUri,
in ACString  newUri,
in boolean  caseInsensitive 

void nsIMsgFilterList::clearLog (  ) 

void nsIMsgFilterList::ensureLogFile (  ) 

void nsIMsgFilterList::flushLogIfNecessary (  ) 

Member Data Documentation

readonly attribute short nsIMsgFilterList::version

readonly attribute ACString nsIMsgFilterList::arbitraryHeaders

readonly attribute unsigned long nsIMsgFilterList::filterCount

readonly attribute ACString nsIMsgFilterList::logURL

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