nsIMsgDBHdr Interface Reference

import "nsIMsgHdr.idl";

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Public Member Functions

AString getProperty (in string propertyName)
void setProperty (in string propertyName, in AString propertyStr)
void setStringProperty (in string propertyName, in string propertyValue)
string getStringProperty (in string propertyName)
unsigned long getUint32Property (in string propertyName)
void setUint32Property (in string propertyName, in unsigned long propertyVal)
void markRead (in boolean read)
void markFlagged (in boolean flagged)
void markHasAttachments (in boolean hasAttachments)
void setPriorityString (in string priority)
unsigned long OrFlags (in unsigned long flags)
unsigned long AndFlags (in unsigned long flags)
void setReferences (in string references)
ACString getStringReference (in long refNum)
void setRecipientsArray (in string names, in string addresses, in unsigned long numAddresses)
void setCCListArray (in string names, in string addresses, in unsigned long numAddresses)
void getAuthorCollationKey (out octetPtr key, out unsigned long len)
void getSubjectCollationKey (out octetPtr key, out unsigned long len)
void getRecipientsCollationKey (out octetPtr key, out unsigned long len)

Public Attributes

readonly attribute boolean isRead
readonly attribute boolean isFlagged
readonly attribute boolean isKilled
attribute nsMsgPriorityValue priority
attribute unsigned long flags
attribute nsMsgKey threadId
attribute nsMsgKey messageKey
attribute nsMsgKey threadParent
attribute unsigned long messageSize
attribute unsigned long lineCount
attribute unsigned long statusOffset
attribute unsigned long messageOffset
attribute unsigned long offlineMessageSize
attribute PRTime date
readonly attribute unsigned long dateInSeconds
attribute string messageId
attribute string ccList
attribute string author
attribute string subject
attribute string recipients
readonly attribute unsigned short numReferences
readonly attribute AString mime2DecodedAuthor
readonly attribute AString mime2DecodedSubject
readonly attribute AString mime2DecodedRecipients
attribute string Charset
attribute nsMsgLabelValue label
attribute string accountKey
readonly attribute nsIMsgFolder folder

Member Function Documentation

AString nsIMsgDBHdr::getProperty ( in string  propertyName  ) 

void nsIMsgDBHdr::setProperty ( in string  propertyName,
in AString  propertyStr 

void nsIMsgDBHdr::setStringProperty ( in string  propertyName,
in string  propertyValue 

string nsIMsgDBHdr::getStringProperty ( in string  propertyName  ) 

unsigned long nsIMsgDBHdr::getUint32Property ( in string  propertyName  ) 

void nsIMsgDBHdr::setUint32Property ( in string  propertyName,
in unsigned long  propertyVal 

void nsIMsgDBHdr::markRead ( in boolean  read  ) 

void nsIMsgDBHdr::markFlagged ( in boolean  flagged  ) 

void nsIMsgDBHdr::markHasAttachments ( in boolean  hasAttachments  ) 

void nsIMsgDBHdr::setPriorityString ( in string  priority  ) 

unsigned long nsIMsgDBHdr::OrFlags ( in unsigned long  flags  ) 

unsigned long nsIMsgDBHdr::AndFlags ( in unsigned long  flags  ) 

void nsIMsgDBHdr::setReferences ( in string  references  ) 

ACString nsIMsgDBHdr::getStringReference ( in long  refNum  ) 

void nsIMsgDBHdr::setRecipientsArray ( in string  names,
in string  addresses,
in unsigned long  numAddresses 

void nsIMsgDBHdr::setCCListArray ( in string  names,
in string  addresses,
in unsigned long  numAddresses 

void nsIMsgDBHdr::getAuthorCollationKey ( out octetPtr  key,
out unsigned long  len 

void nsIMsgDBHdr::getSubjectCollationKey ( out octetPtr  key,
out unsigned long  len 

void nsIMsgDBHdr::getRecipientsCollationKey ( out octetPtr  key,
out unsigned long  len 

Member Data Documentation

readonly attribute boolean nsIMsgDBHdr::isRead

readonly attribute boolean nsIMsgDBHdr::isFlagged

readonly attribute boolean nsIMsgDBHdr::isKilled

attribute unsigned long nsIMsgDBHdr::flags

attribute unsigned long nsIMsgDBHdr::messageSize

attribute unsigned long nsIMsgDBHdr::lineCount

attribute unsigned long nsIMsgDBHdr::statusOffset

attribute unsigned long nsIMsgDBHdr::messageOffset

attribute unsigned long nsIMsgDBHdr::offlineMessageSize

readonly attribute unsigned long nsIMsgDBHdr::dateInSeconds

readonly attribute unsigned short nsIMsgDBHdr::numReferences

readonly attribute AString nsIMsgDBHdr::mime2DecodedAuthor

readonly attribute AString nsIMsgDBHdr::mime2DecodedSubject

readonly attribute AString nsIMsgDBHdr::mime2DecodedRecipients

readonly attribute nsIMsgFolder nsIMsgDBHdr::folder

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