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nsIDOMNSEvent Interface Reference

import "nsIDOMNSEvent.idl";

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Public Member Functions

void preventBubble ()
void preventCapture ()
boolean getPreventDefault ()

Public Attributes

const long MOUSEDOWN = 0x00000001
const long MOUSEUP = 0x00000002
const long MOUSEOVER = 0x00000004
const long MOUSEOUT = 0x00000008
const long MOUSEMOVE = 0x00000010
const long MOUSEDRAG = 0x00000020
const long CLICK = 0x00000040
const long DBLCLICK = 0x00000080
const long KEYDOWN = 0x00000100
const long KEYUP = 0x00000200
const long KEYPRESS = 0x00000400
const long DRAGDROP = 0x00000800
const long FOCUS = 0x00001000
const long BLUR = 0x00002000
const long SELECT = 0x00004000
const long CHANGE = 0x00008000
const long RESET = 0x00010000
const long SUBMIT = 0x00020000
const long SCROLL = 0x00040000
const long LOAD = 0x00080000
const long UNLOAD = 0x00100000
const long XFER_DONE = 0x00200000
const long ABORT = 0x00400000
const long ERROR = 0x00800000
const long LOCATE = 0x01000000
const long MOVE = 0x02000000
const long RESIZE = 0x04000000
const long FORWARD = 0x08000000
const long HELP = 0x10000000
const long BACK = 0x20000000
const long TEXT = 0x40000000
const long ALT_MASK = 0x00000001
const long CONTROL_MASK = 0x00000002
const long SHIFT_MASK = 0x00000004
const long META_MASK = 0x00000008
readonly attribute
 The original target of the event, before any retargetings.
readonly attribute
 The explicit original target of the event.
readonly attribute
readonly attribute boolean isTrusted

Member Function Documentation

boolean nsIDOMNSEvent::getPreventDefault (  ) 
void nsIDOMNSEvent::preventBubble (  ) 
void nsIDOMNSEvent::preventCapture (  ) 

Member Data Documentation

const long nsIDOMNSEvent::ABORT = 0x00400000
const long nsIDOMNSEvent::ALT_MASK = 0x00000001
const long nsIDOMNSEvent::BACK = 0x20000000
const long nsIDOMNSEvent::BLUR = 0x00002000
const long nsIDOMNSEvent::CHANGE = 0x00008000
const long nsIDOMNSEvent::CLICK = 0x00000040
const long nsIDOMNSEvent::CONTROL_MASK = 0x00000002
const long nsIDOMNSEvent::DBLCLICK = 0x00000080
const long nsIDOMNSEvent::DRAGDROP = 0x00000800
const long nsIDOMNSEvent::ERROR = 0x00800000

The explicit original target of the event.

If the event was retargeted for some reason other than an anonymous boundary crossing, this will be set to the target before the retargeting occurs. For example, mouse events are retargeted to their parent node when they happen over text nodes (bug 185889), and in that case .target will show the parent and .explicitOriginalTarget will show the text node. .explicitOriginalTarget differs from .originalTarget in that it will never contain anonymous content.

const long nsIDOMNSEvent::FOCUS = 0x00001000
const long nsIDOMNSEvent::FORWARD = 0x08000000
const long nsIDOMNSEvent::HELP = 0x10000000
readonly attribute boolean nsIDOMNSEvent::isTrusted
const long nsIDOMNSEvent::KEYDOWN = 0x00000100
const long nsIDOMNSEvent::KEYPRESS = 0x00000400
const long nsIDOMNSEvent::KEYUP = 0x00000200
const long nsIDOMNSEvent::LOAD = 0x00080000
const long nsIDOMNSEvent::LOCATE = 0x01000000
const long nsIDOMNSEvent::META_MASK = 0x00000008
const long nsIDOMNSEvent::MOUSEDOWN = 0x00000001
const long nsIDOMNSEvent::MOUSEDRAG = 0x00000020
const long nsIDOMNSEvent::MOUSEMOVE = 0x00000010
const long nsIDOMNSEvent::MOUSEOUT = 0x00000008
const long nsIDOMNSEvent::MOUSEOVER = 0x00000004
const long nsIDOMNSEvent::MOUSEUP = 0x00000002
const long nsIDOMNSEvent::MOVE = 0x02000000

The original target of the event, before any retargetings.

const long nsIDOMNSEvent::RESET = 0x00010000
const long nsIDOMNSEvent::RESIZE = 0x04000000
const long nsIDOMNSEvent::SCROLL = 0x00040000
const long nsIDOMNSEvent::SELECT = 0x00004000
const long nsIDOMNSEvent::SHIFT_MASK = 0x00000004
const long nsIDOMNSEvent::SUBMIT = 0x00020000
const long nsIDOMNSEvent::TEXT = 0x40000000
const long nsIDOMNSEvent::UNLOAD = 0x00100000
const long nsIDOMNSEvent::XFER_DONE = 0x00200000

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