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nsXBLBinding::cycleCollection Class Reference

XBLBindings are refcounted. More...

#include <nsXBLBinding.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual nsresult RootAndUnlinkJSObjects (void *n)
virtual nsresult Unlink (void *n)
virtual nsresult Unroot (void *n)
virtual nsresult Traverse (void *n, nsCycleCollectionTraversalCallback &cb)

Detailed Description

XBLBindings are refcounted.

They are held onto in 3 ways: 1. The binding manager's binding table holds onto all bindings that are currently attached to a content node. 2. Bindings hold onto their base binding. This is important since the base binding itself may not be attached to anything. 3. The binding manager holds an additional reference to bindings which are queued to fire their constructors.

Member Function Documentation

virtual nsresult nsXBLBinding::cycleCollection::RootAndUnlinkJSObjects ( void *  n  )  [virtual]
virtual nsresult nsXBLBinding::cycleCollection::Traverse ( void *  n,
nsCycleCollectionTraversalCallback cb 
) [virtual]
virtual nsresult nsXBLBinding::cycleCollection::Unlink ( void *  n  )  [virtual]
virtual nsresult nsXBLBinding::cycleCollection::Unroot ( void *  n  )  [virtual]

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