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nsHTMLCanvasElement Class Reference

#include <nsHTMLCanvasElement.h>

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class  cycleCollection

Public Member Functions

 nsHTMLCanvasElement (already_AddRefed< nsINodeInfo > aNodeInfo)
virtual ~nsHTMLCanvasElement ()
nsIFrame * GetPrimaryCanvasFrame ()
 Ask the canvas Element to return the primary frame, if any.
nsIntSize GetSize ()
 Get the size in pixels of this canvas element.
PRBool IsWriteOnly ()
 Determine whether the canvas is write-only.
void SetWriteOnly ()
 Force the canvas to be write-only.
void InvalidateFrame (const gfxRect *damageRect=0L)
PRInt32 CountContexts ()
nsICanvasRenderingContextInternal * GetContextAtIndex (PRInt32 index)
PRBool GetIsOpaque ()
virtual nsIntSize GetSizeExternal ()
virtual nsresult RenderContextsExternal (gfxContext *aContext, gfxPattern::GraphicsFilter aFilter)
virtual PRBool ParseAttribute (PRInt32 aNamespaceID, nsIAtom *aAttribute, const nsAString &aValue, nsAttrValue &aResult)
nsChangeHint GetAttributeChangeHint (const nsIAtom *aAttribute, PRInt32 aModType) const
nsresult SetAttr (PRInt32 aNameSpaceID, nsIAtom *aName, const nsAString &aValue, PRBool aNotify)
virtual nsresult SetAttr (PRInt32 aNameSpaceID, nsIAtom *aName, nsIAtom *aPrefix, const nsAString &aValue, PRBool aNotify)
virtual nsresult Clone (nsINodeInfo *aNodeInfo, nsINode **aResult) const
nsresult CopyInnerTo (nsGenericElement *aDest) const
already_AddRefed< CanvasLayerGetCanvasLayer (CanvasLayer *aOldLayer, LayerManager *aManager)
void MarkContextClean ()
virtual nsXPCClassInfoGetClassInfo ()

Public Attributes

PRPackedBool mWriteOnly

Static Public Attributes

static cycleCollection _cycleCollectorGlobal

Protected Member Functions

nsIntSize GetWidthHeight ()
nsresult UpdateContext (nsIPropertyBag *aNewContextOptions=0L)
nsresult ExtractData (const nsAString &aType, const nsAString &aOptions, char *&aData, PRUint32 &aSize, bool &aFellBackToPNG)
nsresult ToDataURLImpl (const nsAString &aMimeType, const nsAString &aEncoderOptions, nsAString &aDataURL)
nsresult MozGetAsFileImpl (const nsAString &aName, const nsAString &aType, nsIDOMFile **aResult)
nsresult GetContextHelper (const nsAString &aContextId, nsICanvasRenderingContextInternal **aContext)

Protected Attributes

nsString_external mCurrentContextId
< nsICanvasRenderingContextInternal > 

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

nsHTMLCanvasElement::nsHTMLCanvasElement ( already_AddRefed< nsINodeInfo >  aNodeInfo  ) 
virtual nsHTMLCanvasElement::~nsHTMLCanvasElement (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual nsresult nsHTMLCanvasElement::Clone ( nsINodeInfo *  aNodeInfo,
nsINode **  aResult 
) const [virtual]
nsresult nsHTMLCanvasElement::CopyInnerTo ( nsGenericElement *  aDest  )  const
PRInt32 nsHTMLCanvasElement::CountContexts (  ) 
nsresult nsHTMLCanvasElement::ExtractData ( const nsAString aType,
const nsAString aOptions,
char *&  aData,
PRUint32 &  aSize,
bool aFellBackToPNG 
) [protected]
nsChangeHint nsHTMLCanvasElement::GetAttributeChangeHint ( const nsIAtom aAttribute,
PRInt32  aModType 
) const
already_AddRefed<CanvasLayer> nsHTMLCanvasElement::GetCanvasLayer ( CanvasLayer aOldLayer,
LayerManager aManager 
virtual nsXPCClassInfo* nsHTMLCanvasElement::GetClassInfo (  )  [virtual]
nsICanvasRenderingContextInternal* nsHTMLCanvasElement::GetContextAtIndex ( PRInt32  index  ) 
nsresult nsHTMLCanvasElement::GetContextHelper ( const nsAString aContextId,
nsICanvasRenderingContextInternal **  aContext 
) [protected]
PRBool nsHTMLCanvasElement::GetIsOpaque (  ) 
nsIFrame* nsHTMLCanvasElement::GetPrimaryCanvasFrame (  ) 

Ask the canvas Element to return the primary frame, if any.

nsIntSize nsHTMLCanvasElement::GetSize (  ) 

Get the size in pixels of this canvas element.

virtual nsIntSize nsHTMLCanvasElement::GetSizeExternal (  )  [virtual]
nsIntSize nsHTMLCanvasElement::GetWidthHeight (  )  [protected]
void nsHTMLCanvasElement::InvalidateFrame ( const gfxRect damageRect = 0L  ) 
PRBool nsHTMLCanvasElement::IsWriteOnly (  ) 

Determine whether the canvas is write-only.

void nsHTMLCanvasElement::MarkContextClean (  ) 
nsresult nsHTMLCanvasElement::MozGetAsFileImpl ( const nsAString aName,
const nsAString aType,
nsIDOMFile **  aResult 
) [protected]
virtual PRBool nsHTMLCanvasElement::ParseAttribute ( PRInt32  aNamespaceID,
nsIAtom aAttribute,
const nsAString aValue,
nsAttrValue &  aResult 
) [virtual]
virtual nsresult nsHTMLCanvasElement::RenderContextsExternal ( gfxContext aContext,
gfxPattern::GraphicsFilter  aFilter 
) [virtual]
nsresult nsHTMLCanvasElement::SetAttr ( PRInt32  aNameSpaceID,
nsIAtom aName,
const nsAString aValue,
PRBool  aNotify 
) [inline]
virtual nsresult nsHTMLCanvasElement::SetAttr ( PRInt32  aNameSpaceID,
nsIAtom aName,
nsIAtom aPrefix,
const nsAString aValue,
PRBool  aNotify 
) [virtual]
void nsHTMLCanvasElement::SetWriteOnly (  ) 

Force the canvas to be write-only.

nsresult nsHTMLCanvasElement::ToDataURLImpl ( const nsAString aMimeType,
const nsAString aEncoderOptions,
nsAString aDataURL 
) [protected]
nsresult nsHTMLCanvasElement::UpdateContext ( nsIPropertyBag aNewContextOptions = 0L  )  [protected]

Member Data Documentation

nsCOMPtr<nsICanvasRenderingContextInternal> nsHTMLCanvasElement::mCurrentContext [protected]

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