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mozilla::plugins::BrowserStreamChild Class Reference

#include <BrowserStreamChild.h>

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struct  PendingData

Public Member Functions

 BrowserStreamChild (PluginInstanceChild *instance, const nsCString &url, const uint32_t &length, const uint32_t &lastmodified, StreamNotifyChild *notifyData, const nsCString &headers, const nsCString &mimeType, const bool &seekable, NPError *rv, uint16_t *stype)
virtual ~BrowserStreamChild ()
virtual NS_OVERRIDE bool IsBrowserStream ()
NPError StreamConstructed (const nsCString &mimeType, const bool &seekable, uint16_t *stype)
virtual bool RecvWrite (const int32_t &offset, const Buffer &data, const uint32_t &newsize)
virtual bool AnswerNPP_StreamAsFile (const nsCString &fname)
virtual bool RecvNPP_DestroyStream (const NPReason &reason)
virtual bool Recv__delete__ ()
void EnsureCorrectInstance (PluginInstanceChild *i)
void EnsureCorrectStream (NPStream *s)
NPError NPN_RequestRead (NPByteRange *aRangeList)
void NPN_DestroyStream (NPReason reason)
void NotifyPending ()
bool InstanceDying ()
 During instance destruction, artificially cancel all outstanding streams.
void FinishDelivery ()


class StreamNotifyChild

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

mozilla::plugins::BrowserStreamChild::BrowserStreamChild ( PluginInstanceChild instance,
const nsCString &  url,
const uint32_t &  length,
const uint32_t &  lastmodified,
StreamNotifyChild notifyData,
const nsCString &  headers,
const nsCString &  mimeType,
const bool seekable,
NPError rv,
uint16_t *  stype 
virtual mozilla::plugins::BrowserStreamChild::~BrowserStreamChild (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool mozilla::plugins::BrowserStreamChild::AnswerNPP_StreamAsFile ( const nsCString &  fname  )  [virtual]
void mozilla::plugins::BrowserStreamChild::EnsureCorrectInstance ( PluginInstanceChild i  )  [inline]
void mozilla::plugins::BrowserStreamChild::EnsureCorrectStream ( NPStream s  )  [inline]
void mozilla::plugins::BrowserStreamChild::FinishDelivery (  )  [inline]
bool mozilla::plugins::BrowserStreamChild::InstanceDying (  )  [inline]

During instance destruction, artificially cancel all outstanding streams.

false if we are already in the DELETING state.
virtual NS_OVERRIDE bool mozilla::plugins::BrowserStreamChild::IsBrowserStream (  )  [inline, virtual]
void mozilla::plugins::BrowserStreamChild::NotifyPending (  )  [inline]
void mozilla::plugins::BrowserStreamChild::NPN_DestroyStream ( NPReason  reason  ) 
NPError mozilla::plugins::BrowserStreamChild::NPN_RequestRead ( NPByteRange aRangeList  ) 
virtual bool mozilla::plugins::BrowserStreamChild::Recv__delete__ (  )  [virtual]
virtual bool mozilla::plugins::BrowserStreamChild::RecvNPP_DestroyStream ( const NPReason reason  )  [virtual]
virtual bool mozilla::plugins::BrowserStreamChild::RecvWrite ( const int32_t &  offset,
const Buffer data,
const uint32_t &  newsize 
) [virtual]
NPError mozilla::plugins::BrowserStreamChild::StreamConstructed ( const nsCString &  mimeType,
const bool seekable,
uint16_t *  stype 

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class StreamNotifyChild [friend]

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