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js::AutoIdVector Class Reference

#include <jscntxt.h>

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Public Member Functions

size_t length () const
bool append (jsid id)
void popBack ()
bool growBy (size_t inc)
bool resize (size_t newLength)
bool reserve (size_t newLength)
jsidoperator[] (size_t i)
const jsidoperator[] (size_t i) const
const jsidbegin () const
jsidbegin ()
const jsidend () const
jsidend ()
const jsidback () const


void AutoGCRooter::trace (JSTracer *trc)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

js::AutoIdVector::AutoIdVector ( JSContext *cx  JS_GUARD_OBJECT_NOTIFIER_PARAM  )  [inline, explicit]

Member Function Documentation

bool js::AutoIdVector::append ( jsid  id  )  [inline]
const jsid& js::AutoIdVector::back (  )  const [inline]
const jsid* js::AutoIdVector::begin (  )  const [inline]
jsid* js::AutoIdVector::begin (  )  [inline]
const jsid* js::AutoIdVector::end (  )  const [inline]
jsid* js::AutoIdVector::end (  )  [inline]
bool js::AutoIdVector::growBy ( size_t  inc  )  [inline]
size_t js::AutoIdVector::length (  )  const [inline]
const jsid& js::AutoIdVector::operator[] ( size_t  i  )  const [inline]
jsid& js::AutoIdVector::operator[] ( size_t  i  )  [inline]
void js::AutoIdVector::popBack (  )  [inline]
bool js::AutoIdVector::reserve ( size_t  newLength  )  [inline]
bool js::AutoIdVector::resize ( size_t  newLength  )  [inline]

Friends And Related Function Documentation

void AutoGCRooter::trace ( JSTracer trc  )  [friend]

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