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gfxTeeSurface Class Reference

Wraps a cairo_tee_surface. More...

#include <gfxTeeSurface.h>

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Public Member Functions

 gfxTeeSurface (cairo_surface_t *csurf)
 gfxTeeSurface (gfxASurface **aSurfaces, PRInt32 aSurfaceCount)
virtual const gfxIntSize GetSize () const
void GetSurfaces (nsTArray< nsRefPtr< gfxASurface > > *aSurfaces)
 Returns the list of underlying surfaces.

Detailed Description

Wraps a cairo_tee_surface.

The first surface in the surface list is the primary surface, which answers all surface queries (including size). All drawing is performed on all the surfaces.

The device transform of a tee surface is applied before drawing to the underlying surfaces --- which also applies the device transforms of the underlying surfaces.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gfxTeeSurface::gfxTeeSurface ( cairo_surface_t csurf  ) 
gfxTeeSurface::gfxTeeSurface ( gfxASurface **  aSurfaces,
PRInt32  aSurfaceCount 

Member Function Documentation

virtual const gfxIntSize gfxTeeSurface::GetSize (  )  const [virtual]

Reimplemented from gfxASurface.

void gfxTeeSurface::GetSurfaces ( nsTArray< nsRefPtr< gfxASurface > > *  aSurfaces  ) 

Returns the list of underlying surfaces.

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