MailNewsTypes2.idl File Reference

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interface  nsMsgPriority


typedef unsigned long nsMsgKey
typedef unsigned long nsMsgViewIndex
typedef long nsMsgSearchScopeValue
typedef long nsMsgPriorityValue
typedef unsigned long nsMsgJunkStatus
typedef unsigned long nsMsgJunkScore
typedef unsigned long nsMsgLabelValue
typedef long nsMsgViewSortOrderValue
typedef long nsMsgViewSortTypeValue
typedef long nsMsgViewTypeValue
typedef long nsMsgViewFlagsTypeValue

Typedef Documentation

typedef unsigned long nsMsgJunkScore

typedef unsigned long nsMsgJunkStatus

typedef unsigned long nsMsgKey

typedef unsigned long nsMsgLabelValue

typedef long nsMsgPriorityValue

typedef long nsMsgSearchScopeValue

typedef unsigned long nsMsgViewIndex

typedef long nsMsgViewSortTypeValue

typedef long nsMsgViewTypeValue

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