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ImageLayers.h File Reference

#include "Layers.h"
#include "gfxPattern.h"
#include "nsThreadUtils.h"
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class  mozilla::layers::Image
 A class representing a buffer of pixel data. More...
class  mozilla::layers::ImageContainer
 A class that manages Images for an ImageLayer. More...
class  mozilla::layers::ImageLayer
 A Layer which renders an Image. More...
class  mozilla::layers::PlanarYCbCrImage
 We assume that the image data is in the REC 470M color space (see Theora specification, section 4.3.1). More...
struct  mozilla::layers::PlanarYCbCrImage::Data
class  mozilla::layers::CairoImage
 Currently, the data in a CairoImage surface is treated as being in the device output color space. More...
struct  mozilla::layers::CairoImage::Data


namespace  mozilla

This is the base class for all link classes.

namespace  mozilla::layers


enum  mozilla::layers::StereoMode {
  mozilla::layers::STEREO_MODE_MONO, mozilla::layers::STEREO_MODE_LEFT_RIGHT, mozilla::layers::STEREO_MODE_RIGHT_LEFT, mozilla::layers::STEREO_MODE_BOTTOM_TOP,