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FramePropertyTable.h File Reference

#include "nsTHashtable.h"
#include "nsHashKeys.h"
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struct  mozilla::FramePropertyDescriptor
 A pointer to a FramePropertyDescriptor serves as a unique property ID. More...
class  mozilla::FramePropertyTable
 The FramePropertyTable is optimized for storing 0 or 1 properties on a given frame. More...
struct  mozilla::FramePropertyTable::PropertyValue
 Stores a property descriptor/value pair. More...
class  mozilla::FramePropertyTable::PropertyComparator
 Used with an array of PropertyValues to allow lookups that compare only on the FramePropertyDescriptor. More...
class  mozilla::FramePropertyTable::Entry
 Our hashtable entry. More...
class  mozilla::FrameProperties
 This class encapsulates the properties of a frame. More...


namespace  mozilla

This is the base class for all link classes.


typedef void(* mozilla::FramePropertyDestructor )(void *aPropertyValue)
typedef void(* mozilla::FramePropertyDestructorWithFrame )(nsIFrame *aFrame, void *aPropertyValue)