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import "nsIFind.idl";

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Public Member Functions

nsIDOMRange Find (in wstring aPatText, in nsIDOMRange aSearchRange, in nsIDOMRange aStartPoint, in nsIDOMRange aEndPoint)
 Find some text in the current context.

Public Attributes

attribute boolean findBackwards
attribute boolean caseSensitive
attribute nsIWordBreaker wordBreaker
 Use "find entire words" mode by setting to a word breaker or null, to disable "entire words" mode.

Member Function Documentation

nsIDOMRange nsIFind::Find ( in wstring  aPatText,
in nsIDOMRange  aSearchRange,
in nsIDOMRange  aStartPoint,
in nsIDOMRange  aEndPoint 

The implementation is responsible for performing the find and highlighting the text.

aPatText The text to search for.
aSearchRange A Range specifying domain of search.
aStartPoint A Range specifying search start point. If not collapsed, we'll start from end (forward) or start (backward). May be null; if so, we'll start at the start (forward) or end (back) of aSearchRange.
aEndPoint A Range specifying search end point. If not collapsed, we'll end at end (forward) or start (backward). May be null; if so, we'll end at the end (forward) or start (back) of aSearchRange.
Return values:
A range spanning the match that was found (or null).

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