calIObserver Interface Reference

import "calICalendar.idl";

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Public Member Functions

void onStartBatch ()
void onEndBatch ()
void onLoad (in calICalendar aCalendar)
void onAddItem (in calIItemBase aItem)
void onModifyItem (in calIItemBase aNewItem, in calIItemBase aOldItem)
void onDeleteItem (in calIItemBase aDeletedItem)
void onError (in calICalendar aCalendar, in nsresult aErrNo, in AUTF8String aMessage)
void onPropertyChanged (in calICalendar aCalendar, in AUTF8String aName, in nsIVariant aValue, in nsIVariant aOldValue)
 Called after a property is changed.
void onPropertyDeleting (in calICalendar aCalendar, in AUTF8String aName)
 Called before the property is deleted.

Member Function Documentation

void calIObserver::onStartBatch (  ) 

void calIObserver::onEndBatch (  ) 

void calIObserver::onLoad ( in calICalendar  aCalendar  ) 

void calIObserver::onAddItem ( in calIItemBase  aItem  ) 

void calIObserver::onModifyItem ( in calIItemBase  aNewItem,
in calIItemBase  aOldItem 

void calIObserver::onDeleteItem ( in calIItemBase  aDeletedItem  ) 

void calIObserver::onError ( in calICalendar  aCalendar,
in nsresult  aErrNo,
in AUTF8String  aMessage 

void calIObserver::onPropertyChanged ( in calICalendar  aCalendar,
in AUTF8String  aName,
in nsIVariant  aValue,
in nsIVariant  aOldValue 

void calIObserver::onPropertyDeleting ( in calICalendar  aCalendar,
in AUTF8String  aName 

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