ISimpleDOMDocument Interface Reference

import "ISimpleDOMDocument.idl";

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BSTR URL [get]
BSTR title [get]
BSTR mimeType [get]
BSTR docType [get]
BSTR nameSpaceURIForID ([in] short nameSpaceID) [get]
BSTR alternateViewMediaTypes [set]

Property Documentation

BSTR ISimpleDOMDocument::URL [get]

BSTR ISimpleDOMDocument::title [get]

BSTR ISimpleDOMDocument::mimeType [get]

BSTR ISimpleDOMDocument::docType [get]

BSTR ISimpleDOMDocument::nameSpaceURIForID([in] short nameSpaceID) [get]

BSTR ISimpleDOMDocument::alternateViewMediaTypes [set]

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