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nsIntRect Struct Reference

#include <nsRect.h>

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Public Member Functions

 nsIntRect ()
 nsIntRect (const nsIntRect &aRect)
 nsIntRect (const nsIntPoint &aOrigin, const nsIntSize &aSize)
 nsIntRect (PRInt32 aX, PRInt32 aY, PRInt32 aWidth, PRInt32 aHeight)
PRBool IsEmpty () const
void Empty ()
void Inflate (PRInt32 aDx, PRInt32 aDy)
void Inflate (const nsIntMargin &aMargin)
PRBool operator== (const nsIntRect &aRect) const
PRBool operator!= (const nsIntRect &aRect) const
nsIntRect operator+ (const nsIntPoint &aPoint) const
nsIntRect operator- (const nsIntPoint &aPoint) const
nsIntRectoperator+= (const nsIntPoint &aPoint)
nsIntRectoperator-= (const nsIntPoint &aPoint)
void SetRect (PRInt32 aX, PRInt32 aY, PRInt32 aWidth, PRInt32 aHeight)
void MoveTo (PRInt32 aX, PRInt32 aY)
void MoveTo (const nsIntPoint &aPoint)
void MoveBy (PRInt32 aDx, PRInt32 aDy)
void MoveBy (const nsIntPoint &aPoint)
void SizeTo (PRInt32 aWidth, PRInt32 aHeight)
void SizeTo (const nsIntSize &aSize)
void SizeBy (PRInt32 aDeltaWidth, PRInt32 aDeltaHeight)
PRBool Contains (const nsIntRect &aRect) const
PRBool Contains (PRInt32 aX, PRInt32 aY) const
PRBool Contains (const nsIntPoint &aPoint) const
PRBool Intersects (const nsIntRect &aRect) const
PRBool IntersectRect (const nsIntRect &aRect1, const nsIntRect &aRect2)
PRBool UnionRect (const nsIntRect &aRect1, const nsIntRect &aRect2)
nsIntPoint TopLeft () const
nsIntPoint TopRight () const
nsIntPoint BottomLeft () const
nsIntPoint BottomRight () const
nsIntSize Size () const
PRInt32 XMost () const
PRInt32 YMost () const
nsRect ToAppUnits (nscoord aAppUnitsPerPixel) const

Public Attributes

PRInt32 x
PRInt32 y
PRInt32 width
PRInt32 height

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

nsIntRect::nsIntRect (  )  [inline]
nsIntRect::nsIntRect ( const nsIntRect aRect  )  [inline]
nsIntRect::nsIntRect ( const nsIntPoint aOrigin,
const nsIntSize aSize 
) [inline]
nsIntRect::nsIntRect ( PRInt32  aX,
PRInt32  aY,
PRInt32  aWidth,
PRInt32  aHeight 
) [inline]

Member Function Documentation

nsIntPoint nsIntRect::BottomLeft (  )  const [inline]
nsIntPoint nsIntRect::BottomRight (  )  const [inline]
PRBool nsIntRect::Contains ( PRInt32  aX,
PRInt32  aY 
) const [inline]
PRBool nsIntRect::Contains ( const nsIntPoint aPoint  )  const [inline]
PRBool nsIntRect::Contains ( const nsIntRect aRect  )  const [inline]
void nsIntRect::Empty (  )  [inline]
void nsIntRect::Inflate ( const nsIntMargin aMargin  )  [inline]
void nsIntRect::Inflate ( PRInt32  aDx,
PRInt32  aDy 
) [inline]
PRBool nsIntRect::IntersectRect ( const nsIntRect aRect1,
const nsIntRect aRect2 
PRBool nsIntRect::Intersects ( const nsIntRect aRect  )  const [inline]
PRBool nsIntRect::IsEmpty (  )  const [inline]
void nsIntRect::MoveBy ( PRInt32  aDx,
PRInt32  aDy 
) [inline]
void nsIntRect::MoveBy ( const nsIntPoint aPoint  )  [inline]
void nsIntRect::MoveTo ( PRInt32  aX,
PRInt32  aY 
) [inline]
void nsIntRect::MoveTo ( const nsIntPoint aPoint  )  [inline]
PRBool nsIntRect::operator!= ( const nsIntRect aRect  )  const [inline]
nsIntRect nsIntRect::operator+ ( const nsIntPoint aPoint  )  const [inline]
nsIntRect& nsIntRect::operator+= ( const nsIntPoint aPoint  )  [inline]
nsIntRect nsIntRect::operator- ( const nsIntPoint aPoint  )  const [inline]
nsIntRect& nsIntRect::operator-= ( const nsIntPoint aPoint  )  [inline]
PRBool nsIntRect::operator== ( const nsIntRect aRect  )  const [inline]
void nsIntRect::SetRect ( PRInt32  aX,
PRInt32  aY,
PRInt32  aWidth,
PRInt32  aHeight 
) [inline]
nsIntSize nsIntRect::Size (  )  const [inline]
void nsIntRect::SizeBy ( PRInt32  aDeltaWidth,
PRInt32  aDeltaHeight 
) [inline]
void nsIntRect::SizeTo ( PRInt32  aWidth,
PRInt32  aHeight 
) [inline]
void nsIntRect::SizeTo ( const nsIntSize aSize  )  [inline]
nsRect nsIntRect::ToAppUnits ( nscoord  aAppUnitsPerPixel  )  const [inline]
nsIntPoint nsIntRect::TopLeft (  )  const [inline]
nsIntPoint nsIntRect::TopRight (  )  const [inline]
PRBool nsIntRect::UnionRect ( const nsIntRect aRect1,
const nsIntRect aRect2 
PRInt32 nsIntRect::XMost (  )  const [inline]
PRInt32 nsIntRect::YMost (  )  const [inline]

Member Data Documentation

PRInt32 nsIntRect::x
PRInt32 nsIntRect::y

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