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nsCSSOffsetState Struct Reference

#include <nsHTMLReflowState.h>

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Public Member Functions

 nsCSSOffsetState (nsIFrame *aFrame, nsIRenderingContext *aRenderingContext)
 nsCSSOffsetState (nsIFrame *aFrame, nsIRenderingContext *aRenderingContext, nscoord aContainingBlockWidth)

Static Public Member Functions

static void DestroyMarginFunc (void *aFrame, nsIAtom *aPropertyName, void *aPropertyValue, void *aDtorData)

Public Attributes

nsIFrame * frame
nsIRenderingContext * rendContext
nsMargin mComputedMargin
nsMargin mComputedBorderPadding
nsMargin mComputedPadding

Protected Member Functions

void InitOffsets (nscoord aContainingBlockWidth, const nsMargin *aBorder=0, const nsMargin *aPadding=0)
nscoord ComputeWidthValue (nscoord aContainingBlockWidth, nscoord aContentEdgeToBoxSizing, nscoord aBoxSizingToMarginEdge, const nsStyleCoord &aCoord)
nscoord ComputeWidthValue (nscoord aContainingBlockWidth, PRUint8 aBoxSizing, const nsStyleCoord &aCoord)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

nsCSSOffsetState::nsCSSOffsetState ( nsIFrame *  aFrame,
nsIRenderingContext *  aRenderingContext 
) [inline]
nsCSSOffsetState::nsCSSOffsetState ( nsIFrame *  aFrame,
nsIRenderingContext *  aRenderingContext,
nscoord  aContainingBlockWidth 
) [inline]

Member Function Documentation

nscoord nsCSSOffsetState::ComputeWidthValue ( nscoord  aContainingBlockWidth,
nscoord  aContentEdgeToBoxSizing,
nscoord  aBoxSizingToMarginEdge,
const nsStyleCoord aCoord 
) [inline, protected]
nscoord nsCSSOffsetState::ComputeWidthValue ( nscoord  aContainingBlockWidth,
PRUint8  aBoxSizing,
const nsStyleCoord aCoord 
) [protected]
static void nsCSSOffsetState::DestroyMarginFunc ( void *  aFrame,
nsIAtom aPropertyName,
void *  aPropertyValue,
void *  aDtorData 
) [static]
void nsCSSOffsetState::InitOffsets ( nscoord  aContainingBlockWidth,
const nsMargin aBorder = 0,
const nsMargin aPadding = 0 
) [protected]

Member Data Documentation

nsIRenderingContext* nsCSSOffsetState::rendContext

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