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nsCSSCornerSizes Struct Reference

#include <nsCSSStruct.h>

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Public Member Functions

 nsCSSCornerSizes (void)
 nsCSSCornerSizes (const nsCSSCornerSizes &aCopy)
 ~nsCSSCornerSizes ()
nsCSSValuePair const & GetFullCorner (PRUint32 aCorner) const
nsCSSValuePairGetFullCorner (PRUint32 aCorner)
const nsCSSValueGetHalfCorner (PRUint32 hc) const
nsCSSValueGetHalfCorner (PRUint32 hc)
PRBool operator== (const nsCSSCornerSizes &aOther) const
PRBool operator!= (const nsCSSCornerSizes &aOther) const
PRBool HasValue () const
void SetAllCornersTo (const nsCSSValue &aValue)
void Reset ()

Public Attributes

nsCSSValuePair mTopLeft
nsCSSValuePair mTopRight
nsCSSValuePair mBottomRight
nsCSSValuePair mBottomLeft

Protected Types

typedef nsCSSValuePair

Static Protected Attributes

static const corner_type corners [4]

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef nsCSSValuePair nsCSSCornerSizes::* nsCSSCornerSizes::corner_type [protected]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

nsCSSCornerSizes::nsCSSCornerSizes ( void   ) 
nsCSSCornerSizes::nsCSSCornerSizes ( const nsCSSCornerSizes aCopy  ) 
nsCSSCornerSizes::~nsCSSCornerSizes (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

nsCSSValuePair const& nsCSSCornerSizes::GetFullCorner ( PRUint32  aCorner  )  const [inline]
nsCSSValuePair& nsCSSCornerSizes::GetFullCorner ( PRUint32  aCorner  )  [inline]
nsCSSValue& nsCSSCornerSizes::GetHalfCorner ( PRUint32  hc  )  [inline]
const nsCSSValue& nsCSSCornerSizes::GetHalfCorner ( PRUint32  hc  )  const [inline]
PRBool nsCSSCornerSizes::HasValue (  )  const [inline]
PRBool nsCSSCornerSizes::operator!= ( const nsCSSCornerSizes aOther  )  const [inline]
PRBool nsCSSCornerSizes::operator== ( const nsCSSCornerSizes aOther  )  const [inline]
void nsCSSCornerSizes::Reset (  ) 
void nsCSSCornerSizes::SetAllCornersTo ( const nsCSSValue aValue  ) 

Member Data Documentation

const corner_type nsCSSCornerSizes::corners[4] [static, protected]

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