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RuleProcessorData Struct Reference

#include <nsRuleProcessorData.h>

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Public Member Functions

 RuleProcessorData (nsPresContext *aPresContext, nsIContent *aContent, nsRuleWalker *aRuleWalker, nsCompatibility *aCompat=0)
 ~RuleProcessorData ()
void Destroy ()
void * operator new (size_t sz, RuleProcessorData *aSlot) throw ()
const nsString_externalGetLang ()
PRUint32 ContentState ()
PRBool IsLink ()
nsLinkState LinkState ()
PRInt32 GetNthIndex (PRBool aIsOfType, PRBool aIsFromEnd, PRBool aCheckEdgeOnly)

Static Public Member Functions

static RuleProcessorDataCreate (nsPresContext *aPresContext, nsIContent *aContent, nsRuleWalker *aRuleWalker, nsCompatibility aCompat)

Public Attributes

nsIContent * mContent
nsIContent * mParentContent
nsIContent * mScopedRoot
PRPackedBool mIsHTMLContent
PRPackedBool mIsHTML
PRPackedBool mHasAttributes
nsCompatibility mCompatMode
PRInt32 mNameSpaceID
const nsAttrValue * mClasses

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

RuleProcessorData::RuleProcessorData ( nsPresContext aPresContext,
nsIContent *  aContent,
nsRuleWalker aRuleWalker,
nsCompatibility aCompat = 0 
RuleProcessorData::~RuleProcessorData (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

PRUint32 RuleProcessorData::ContentState (  ) 
static RuleProcessorData* RuleProcessorData::Create ( nsPresContext aPresContext,
nsIContent *  aContent,
nsRuleWalker aRuleWalker,
nsCompatibility  aCompat 
) [inline, static]
void RuleProcessorData::Destroy (  )  [inline]
const nsString_external* RuleProcessorData::GetLang (  ) 
PRInt32 RuleProcessorData::GetNthIndex ( PRBool  aIsOfType,
PRBool  aIsFromEnd,
PRBool  aCheckEdgeOnly 
PRBool RuleProcessorData::IsLink (  ) 
nsLinkState RuleProcessorData::LinkState (  )  [inline]
void* RuleProcessorData::operator new ( size_t  sz,
RuleProcessorData aSlot 
) throw () [inline]

Member Data Documentation

const nsAttrValue* RuleProcessorData::mClasses

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