JSObject Member List

This is the complete list of members for JSObject, including all inherited members.
checkAccess(JSContext *cx, jsid id, JSAccessMode mode, jsval *vp, uintN *attrsp)JSObject [inline]
clearParent()JSObject [inline]
clearProto()JSObject [inline]
defaultPrivate(JSClass *clasp)JSObject [inline, static]
defaultValue(JSContext *cx, JSType hint, jsval *vp)JSObject [inline]
defineProperty(JSContext *cx, jsid id, jsval value, JSPropertyOp getter=JS_PropertyStub, JSPropertyOp setter=JS_PropertyStub, uintN attrs=JSPROP_ENUMERATE)JSObject [inline]
deleteProperty(JSContext *cx, jsid id, jsval *rval)JSObject [inline]
dropProperty(JSContext *cx, JSProperty *prop)JSObject [inline]
enumerate(JSContext *cx, JSIterateOp op, jsval *statep, jsid *idp)JSObject [inline]
freeSlotsArray(JSContext *cx)JSObject [inline]
getAttributes(JSContext *cx, jsid id, JSProperty *prop, uintN *attrsp)JSObject [inline]
getClass() const JSObject [inline]
getParent() const JSObject [inline]
getPrivate() const JSObject [inline]
getProperty(JSContext *cx, jsid id, jsval *vp)JSObject [inline]
getProto() const JSObject [inline]
hasSlotsArray() const JSObject [inline]
init(JSClass *clasp, JSObject *proto, JSObject *parent, jsval privateSlotValue)JSObject [inline]
initSharingEmptyScope(JSClass *clasp, JSObject *proto, JSObject *parent, jsval privateSlotValue)JSObject [inline]
isArray() const JSObject [inline]
isDelegate() const JSObject [inline]
isDenseArray() const JSObject [inline]
isFunction() const JSObject [inline]
isRegExp() const JSObject [inline]
isSystem() const JSObject [inline]
isXML() const JSObject [inline]
lookupProperty(JSContext *cx, jsid id, JSObject **objp, JSProperty **propp)JSObject [inline]
setAttributes(JSContext *cx, jsid id, JSProperty *prop, uintN *attrsp)JSObject [inline]
setDelegate()JSObject [inline]
setDelegateNullSafe(JSObject *obj)JSObject [inline, static]
setParent(JSObject *newParent)JSObject [inline]
setPrivate(void *data)JSObject [inline]
setProperty(JSContext *cx, jsid id, jsval *vp)JSObject [inline]
setProto(JSObject *newProto)JSObject [inline]
setSystem()JSObject [inline]
thisObject(JSContext *cx)JSObject [inline]
traceProtoAndParent(JSTracer *trc) const JSObject [inline]