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nsXPCOMGlue.h File Reference

#include "nscore.h"
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struct  GREVersionRange
 The following function is available in both the standalone and dynamically linked versions of the glue. More...
struct  GREProperty


nsresult GRE_GetGREPathWithProperties (const GREVersionRange *versions, PRUint32 versionsLength, const GREProperty *properties, PRUint32 propertiesLength, char *buffer, PRUint32 buflen)
 Locate the path of the xpcom shared library from a GRE with specified properties.

Function Documentation

nsresult GRE_GetGREPathWithProperties ( const GREVersionRange versions,
PRUint32  versionsLength,
const GREProperty properties,
PRUint32  propertiesLength,
char *  buffer,
PRUint32  buflen 

Locate the path of the xpcom shared library from a GRE with specified properties.

versions An array of version ranges: if any version range matches, the GRE is considered acceptable.
versionsLength The length of the versions array.
properties A null-terminated list of GRE property/value pairs which must all be satisfied.
propertiesLength Length of the properties array.
buffer A buffer to be filled with the appropriate path. If the "local" GRE is specified (via the USE_LOCAL_GRE environment variable, for example), this buffer will be set to the empty string.
buflen The length of buffer. This must be at least PATH_MAX/MAXPATHLEN.
NS_ERROR_FAILURE if an appropriate GRE could not be found.
The properties parameter is ignored on macintosh, because of the manner in which the XUL frameworks are installed by version.
Currently this uses a "first-fit" algorithm, it does not select the newest available GRE.