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nsIMimeMiscStatus Interface Reference

import "nsIMimeMiscStatus.idl";

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Public Member Functions

string GetWindowXULandJS ()
string GetGlobalXULandJS ()
string GetIndividualXUL (in string aName, in string aHeader, in string aEmail)
long GetMiscStatus (in string aName, in string aEmail)
string GetImageURL (in long aStatus)

Member Function Documentation

string nsIMimeMiscStatus::GetGlobalXULandJS (  ) 
string nsIMimeMiscStatus::GetImageURL ( in long  aStatus  ) 
string nsIMimeMiscStatus::GetIndividualXUL ( in string  aName,
in string  aHeader,
in string  aEmail 
long nsIMimeMiscStatus::GetMiscStatus ( in string  aName,
in string  aEmail 
string nsIMimeMiscStatus::GetWindowXULandJS (  ) 

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