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nsIMailboxUrl Interface Reference

import "nsIMailboxUrl.idl";

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Public Member Functions

void setMoveCopyMsgKeys (out nsMsgKey keysToFlag, in long numKeys)
void getMoveCopyMsgHdrForIndex (in unsigned long msgIndex, out nsIMsgDBHdr msgHdr)

Public Attributes

attribute nsIStreamListener mailboxParser
attribute nsIStreamListener mailboxCopyHandler
readonly attribute nsMsgKey messageKey
readonly attribute unsigned long numMoveCopyMsgs
attribute unsigned long curMoveCopyMsgIndex
attribute unsigned long messageSize
attribute nsMailboxAction mailboxAction
const long ActionParseMailbox = 0
const long ActionFetchMessage = 1
const long ActionCopyMessage = 2
const long ActionMoveMessage = 3
const long ActionSaveMessageToDisk = 4
const long ActionAppendMessageToDisk = 5
const long ActionFetchPart = 6

Member Function Documentation

void nsIMailboxUrl::getMoveCopyMsgHdrForIndex ( in unsigned long  msgIndex,
out nsIMsgDBHdr  msgHdr 
void nsIMailboxUrl::setMoveCopyMsgKeys ( out nsMsgKey  keysToFlag,
in long  numKeys 

Member Data Documentation

attribute unsigned long nsIMailboxUrl::curMoveCopyMsgIndex
readonly attribute nsMsgKey nsIMailboxUrl::messageKey
attribute unsigned long nsIMailboxUrl::messageSize
readonly attribute unsigned long nsIMailboxUrl::numMoveCopyMsgs

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