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nsILocalFileWin Interface Reference

import "nsILocalFileWin.idl";

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Public Member Functions

AString getVersionInfoField (in string aField)

Public Attributes

readonly attribute AString canonicalPath
 The canonical path of the file, which avoids short/long pathname inconsistencies.
readonly attribute ACString nativeCanonicalPath
const unsigned long WFA_SEARCH_INDEXED = 1
 Windows specific file attributes.
attribute unsigned long fileAttributesWin

Member Function Documentation

AString nsILocalFileWin::getVersionInfoField ( in string  aField  ) 


Retrieve a metadata field from the file's VERSIONINFO block. Throws NS_ERROR_FAILURE if no value is found, or the value is empty.

aField The field to look up.

Member Data Documentation

readonly attribute AString nsILocalFileWin::canonicalPath

The canonical path of the file, which avoids short/long pathname inconsistencies.

The nsILocalFile persistent descriptor is not guaranteed to be canonicalized (it may persist either the long or the short path name). The format of the canonical path will vary with the underlying file system: it will typically be the short pathname on filesystems that support both short and long path forms.

attribute unsigned long nsILocalFileWin::fileAttributesWin


Set or get windows specific file attributes.

Throws NS_ERROR_FILE_INVALID_PATH for an invalid file. Throws NS_ERROR_FAILURE if the set or get fails.

readonly attribute ACString nsILocalFileWin::nativeCanonicalPath
const unsigned long nsILocalFileWin::WFA_SEARCH_INDEXED = 1

Windows specific file attributes.

WFA_SEARCH_INDEXED: Generally the default on files in Windows except those created in temp locations. Valid on XP and up. When set the file or directory is marked to be indexed by desktop search services.

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