Public Member Functions

nsIListBoxObject Interface Reference

import "nsIListBoxObject.idl";

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Public Member Functions

long getRowCount ()
long getNumberOfVisibleRows ()
long getIndexOfFirstVisibleRow ()
void ensureIndexIsVisible (in long rowIndex)
void scrollToIndex (in long rowIndex)
void scrollByLines (in long numLines)
nsIDOMElement getItemAtIndex (in long index)
long getIndexOfItem (in nsIDOMElement item)

Member Function Documentation

void nsIListBoxObject::ensureIndexIsVisible ( in long  rowIndex  ) 
long nsIListBoxObject::getIndexOfFirstVisibleRow (  ) 
long nsIListBoxObject::getIndexOfItem ( in nsIDOMElement  item  ) 
nsIDOMElement nsIListBoxObject::getItemAtIndex ( in long  index  ) 
long nsIListBoxObject::getNumberOfVisibleRows (  ) 
long nsIListBoxObject::getRowCount (  ) 
void nsIListBoxObject::scrollByLines ( in long  numLines  ) 
void nsIListBoxObject::scrollToIndex ( in long  rowIndex  ) 

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