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nsILDAPConnection Interface Reference

import "nsILDAPConnection.idl";

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Public Member Functions

void init (in nsILDAPURL aUrl, in AUTF8String aBindName, in nsILDAPMessageListener aMessageListener, in nsISupports aClosure, in unsigned long aVersion)
 Set up the connection.
long getLdErrno (out AUTF8String matched, out AUTF8String s)
 Get information about the last error that occured on this connection.

Public Attributes

readonly attribute wstring errorString
 the string version of lderrno
readonly attribute AUTF8String bindName
 DN to bind as.
attribute nsISupports closure
 private parameter (anything caller desires)
const unsigned long VERSION2 = 2
const unsigned long VERSION3 = 3

Member Function Documentation

long nsILDAPConnection::getLdErrno ( out AUTF8String  matched,
out AUTF8String  s 

Get information about the last error that occured on this connection.

matched if the server is returning LDAP_NO_SUCH_OBJECT, LDAP_ALIAS_PROBLEM, LDAP_INVALID_DN_SYNTAX, or LDAP_ALIAS_DEREF_PROBLEM, this will contain the portion of DN that matches the entry that is closest to the requested entry
s additional error information from the server
the error code, as defined in nsILDAPErrors.idl
void nsILDAPConnection::init ( in nsILDAPURL  aUrl,
in AUTF8String  aBindName,
in nsILDAPMessageListener  aMessageListener,
in nsISupports  aClosure,
in unsigned long  aVersion 

Set up the connection.

Note that init() must be called on a thread that already has an nsIEventQueue.

aUrl A URL for the ldap server. The host, port and ssl connection type will be extracted from this
aBindName DN to bind as
aMessageListener Callback for DNS resolution completion
aClosure private parameter (anything caller desires)
aVersion LDAP version to use (currently VERSION2 or VERSION3)
NS_ERROR_ILLEGAL_VALUE null pointer or invalid version
NS_ERROR_OUT_OF_MEMORY ran out of memory
NS_ERROR_OFFLINE we are in off-line mode
NS_ERROR_UNEXPECTED internal error

Member Data Documentation

readonly attribute AUTF8String nsILDAPConnection::bindName

DN to bind as.

use the init() method to set this.


private parameter (anything caller desires)

readonly attribute wstring nsILDAPConnection::errorString

the string version of lderrno

const unsigned long nsILDAPConnection::VERSION2 = 2
const unsigned long nsILDAPConnection::VERSION3 = 3

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