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nsIKeyObjectFactory Interface Reference

import "nsIKeyModule.idl";

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Public Member Functions

nsIKeyObject lookupKeyByName (in ACString aName)
nsIKeyObject unwrapKey (in short aAlgorithm,[const, array, size_is(aWrappedKeyLen)] in octet aWrappedKey, in unsigned long aWrappedKeyLen)
nsIKeyObject keyFromString (in short aAlgorithm, in ACString aKey)

Member Function Documentation

nsIKeyObject nsIKeyObjectFactory::keyFromString ( in short  aAlgorithm,
in ACString  aKey 
nsIKeyObject nsIKeyObjectFactory::lookupKeyByName ( in ACString  aName  ) 
nsIKeyObject nsIKeyObjectFactory::unwrapKey ( in short  aAlgorithm,
[const, array, size_is(aWrappedKeyLen)] in octet  aWrappedKey,
in unsigned long  aWrappedKeyLen 

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