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nsIJunkMailClassificationListener Interface Reference

import "nsIMsgFilterPlugin.idl";

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void onMessageClassified (in string aMsgURI, in nsMsgJunkStatus aClassification, in PRUint32 aJunkPercent)
 Inform a listener of a message's classification as junk.

Member Function Documentation

void nsIJunkMailClassificationListener::onMessageClassified ( in string  aMsgURI,
in nsMsgJunkStatus  aClassification,
in PRUint32  aJunkPercent 

Inform a listener of a message's classification as junk.

At the end of a batch of classifications, signify end of batch by calling with null aMsgURI (other parameters are don't care)

aMsgURI URI of the message that was classified.
aClassification classification of message as UNCLASSIFIED, GOOD, or JUNK.
aJunkPercent indicator of degree of uncertainty, with 100 being probably junk, and 0 probably good

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