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nsIInternetSearchService Interface Reference

import "nsISearchService.idl";

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Public Member Functions

wstring GetInternetSearchURL (in string searchEngineURI, in wstring searchStr, in short direction, in unsigned short pageNumber, out unsigned short whichButtons)
void RememberLastSearchText (in wstring escapedSearchStr)
boolean FindInternetSearchResults (in string url)
void Stop ()
void ClearResults (in boolean flushLastSearchRef)
void ClearResultSearchSites ()
nsIRDFDataSource GetCategoryDataSource ()
void AddSearchEngine (in string engineURL, in string iconURL, in wstring suggestedTitle, in wstring suggestedCategory)

Public Attributes

const unsigned short kHaveNext = 1
const unsigned short kHavePrev = 2

Member Function Documentation

void nsIInternetSearchService::AddSearchEngine ( in string  engineURL,
in string  iconURL,
in wstring  suggestedTitle,
in wstring  suggestedCategory 
void nsIInternetSearchService::ClearResults ( in boolean  flushLastSearchRef  ) 
void nsIInternetSearchService::ClearResultSearchSites (  ) 
boolean nsIInternetSearchService::FindInternetSearchResults ( in string  url  ) 
nsIRDFDataSource nsIInternetSearchService::GetCategoryDataSource (  ) 
wstring nsIInternetSearchService::GetInternetSearchURL ( in string  searchEngineURI,
in wstring  searchStr,
in short  direction,
in unsigned short  pageNumber,
out unsigned short  whichButtons 
void nsIInternetSearchService::RememberLastSearchText ( in wstring  escapedSearchStr  ) 
void nsIInternetSearchService::Stop (  ) 

Member Data Documentation

const unsigned short nsIInternetSearchService::kHaveNext = 1
const unsigned short nsIInternetSearchService::kHavePrev = 2

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