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nsIInternetSearchContext Interface Reference

import "nsISearchService.idl";

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Public Member Functions

nsIUnicodeDecoder GetUnicodeDecoder ()
nsIRDFResource GetParent ()
nsIRDFResource GetEngine ()
void GetHintConst ([shared] out wstring buffer)
void AppendBytes (in string buffer, in long numBytes)
void AppendUnicodeBytes (in wstring buffer, in long numUniBytes)
long GetBufferLength ()
void GetBufferConst ([shared] out wstring buffer)
void Truncate ()

Public Attributes

const unsigned long WEB_SEARCH_CONTEXT = 1
const unsigned long ENGINE_DOWNLOAD_NEW_CONTEXT = 2
const unsigned long ICON_DOWNLOAD_NEW_CONTEXT = 3
const unsigned long ENGINE_UPDATE_HEAD_CONTEXT = 4
const unsigned long ENGINE_DOWNLOAD_UPDATE_CONTEXT = 5
const unsigned long ICON_DOWNLOAD_UPDATE_CONTEXT = 6
readonly attribute unsigned long ContextType

Member Function Documentation

void nsIInternetSearchContext::AppendBytes ( in string  buffer,
in long  numBytes 
void nsIInternetSearchContext::AppendUnicodeBytes ( in wstring  buffer,
in long  numUniBytes 
void nsIInternetSearchContext::GetBufferConst ( [shared] out wstring  buffer  ) 
long nsIInternetSearchContext::GetBufferLength (  ) 
nsIRDFResource nsIInternetSearchContext::GetEngine (  ) 
void nsIInternetSearchContext::GetHintConst ( [shared] out wstring  buffer  ) 
nsIRDFResource nsIInternetSearchContext::GetParent (  ) 
nsIUnicodeDecoder nsIInternetSearchContext::GetUnicodeDecoder (  ) 
void nsIInternetSearchContext::Truncate (  ) 

Member Data Documentation

readonly attribute unsigned long nsIInternetSearchContext::ContextType

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