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nsIInterfaceInfoManager Interface Reference

import "nsIInterfaceInfoManager.idl";

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Public Member Functions

nsIInterfaceInfo getInfoForIID (in nsIIDPtr iid)
nsIInterfaceInfo getInfoForName (in string name)
nsIIDPtr getIIDForName (in string name)
string getNameForIID (in nsIIDPtr iid)
nsIEnumerator enumerateInterfaces ()
void autoRegisterInterfaces ()
nsIEnumerator enumerateInterfacesWhoseNamesStartWith (in string prefix)

Member Function Documentation

void nsIInterfaceInfoManager::autoRegisterInterfaces (  ) 
nsIEnumerator nsIInterfaceInfoManager::enumerateInterfaces (  ) 
nsIEnumerator nsIInterfaceInfoManager::enumerateInterfacesWhoseNamesStartWith ( in string  prefix  ) 
nsIIDPtr nsIInterfaceInfoManager::getIIDForName ( in string  name  ) 
nsIInterfaceInfo nsIInterfaceInfoManager::getInfoForIID ( in nsIIDPtr  iid  ) 
nsIInterfaceInfo nsIInterfaceInfoManager::getInfoForName ( in string  name  ) 
string nsIInterfaceInfoManager::getNameForIID ( in nsIIDPtr  iid  ) 

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