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nsIInputStreamChannel Interface Reference

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import "nsIInputStreamChannel.idl";

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Public Member Functions

void setURI (in nsIURI aURI)
 Sets the URI for this channel.

Public Attributes

attribute nsIInputStream contentStream
 Get/set the content stream.

Detailed Description


This interface provides methods to initialize an input stream channel. The input stream channel serves as a data pump for an input stream.

Member Function Documentation

void nsIInputStreamChannel::setURI ( in nsIURI  aURI  ) 

Sets the URI for this channel.

This must be called before the channel is opened, and it may only be called once.

Member Data Documentation

Get/set the content stream.

This stream contains the data that will be pushed to the channel's stream listener. If the stream is non-blocking and supports the nsIAsyncInputStream interface, then the stream will be read directly. Otherwise, the stream will be read on a background thread.

This attribute must be set before the channel is opened, and it may only be set once.

NS_ERROR_IN_PROGRESS if the setter is called after the channel has been opened.

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