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nsIInlineSpellChecker Interface Reference

import "nsIInlineSpellChecker.idl";

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Public Member Functions

void init (in nsIEditor aEditor)
void cleanup (in boolean aDestroyingFrames)
void spellCheckAfterEditorChange (in long aAction, in nsISelection aSelection, in nsIDOMNode aPreviousSelectedNode, in long aPreviousSelectedOffset, in nsIDOMNode aStartNode, in long aStartOffset, in nsIDOMNode aEndNode, in long aEndOffset)
void spellCheckRange (in nsIDOMRange aSelection)
nsIDOMRange getMisspelledWord (in nsIDOMNode aNode, in long aOffset)
void replaceWord (in nsIDOMNode aNode, in long aOffset, in AString aNewword)
void addWordToDictionary (in AString aWord)
void ignoreWord (in AString aWord)
void ignoreWords ([array, size_is(aCount)] in wstring aWordsToIgnore, in unsigned long aCount)

Public Attributes

readonly attribute
attribute boolean enableRealTimeSpell

Member Function Documentation

void nsIInlineSpellChecker::addWordToDictionary ( in AString  aWord  ) 
void nsIInlineSpellChecker::cleanup ( in boolean  aDestroyingFrames  ) 
nsIDOMRange nsIInlineSpellChecker::getMisspelledWord ( in nsIDOMNode  aNode,
in long  aOffset 
void nsIInlineSpellChecker::ignoreWord ( in AString  aWord  ) 
void nsIInlineSpellChecker::ignoreWords ( [array, size_is(aCount)] in wstring  aWordsToIgnore,
in unsigned long  aCount 
void nsIInlineSpellChecker::init ( in nsIEditor  aEditor  ) 
void nsIInlineSpellChecker::replaceWord ( in nsIDOMNode  aNode,
in long  aOffset,
in AString  aNewword 
void nsIInlineSpellChecker::spellCheckAfterEditorChange ( in long  aAction,
in nsISelection  aSelection,
in nsIDOMNode  aPreviousSelectedNode,
in long  aPreviousSelectedOffset,
in nsIDOMNode  aStartNode,
in long  aStartOffset,
in nsIDOMNode  aEndNode,
in long  aEndOffset 
void nsIInlineSpellChecker::spellCheckRange ( in nsIDOMRange  aSelection  ) 

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