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nsIImportService Interface Reference

import "nsIImportService.idl";

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Public Member Functions

void DiscoverModules ()
long GetModuleCount (in string filter)
void GetModuleInfo (in string filter, in long index, out wstring name, out wstring description)
wstring GetModuleName (in string filter, in long index)
wstring GetModuleDescription (in string filter, in long index)
nsIImportModule GetModule (in string filter, in long index)
nsIImportModule GetModuleWithCID (in nsCIDRef cid)
nsIImportFieldMap CreateNewFieldMap ()
nsIImportMailboxDescriptor CreateNewMailboxDescriptor ()
nsIImportABDescriptor CreateNewABDescriptor ()
nsIImportGeneric CreateNewGenericMail ()
nsIImportGeneric CreateNewGenericAddressBooks ()

Member Function Documentation

nsIImportABDescriptor nsIImportService::CreateNewABDescriptor (  ) 
nsIImportFieldMap nsIImportService::CreateNewFieldMap (  ) 
nsIImportGeneric nsIImportService::CreateNewGenericAddressBooks (  ) 
nsIImportGeneric nsIImportService::CreateNewGenericMail (  ) 
nsIImportMailboxDescriptor nsIImportService::CreateNewMailboxDescriptor (  ) 
void nsIImportService::DiscoverModules (  ) 
nsIImportModule nsIImportService::GetModule ( in string  filter,
in long  index 
long nsIImportService::GetModuleCount ( in string  filter  ) 
wstring nsIImportService::GetModuleDescription ( in string  filter,
in long  index 
void nsIImportService::GetModuleInfo ( in string  filter,
in long  index,
out wstring  name,
out wstring  description 
wstring nsIImportService::GetModuleName ( in string  filter,
in long  index 
nsIImportModule nsIImportService::GetModuleWithCID ( in nsCIDRef  cid  ) 

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