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nsIImportMail Interface Reference

import "nsIImportMail.idl";

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Public Member Functions

void GetDefaultLocation (out nsIFile location, out boolean found, out boolean userVerify)
nsISupportsArray FindMailboxes (in nsIFile location)
void ImportMailbox (in nsIImportMailboxDescriptor source, in nsIFile destination, out wstring errorLog, out wstring successLog, out boolean fatalError)
unsigned long GetImportProgress ()
AString translateFolderName (in AString aFolderName)

Member Function Documentation

nsISupportsArray nsIImportMail::FindMailboxes ( in nsIFile  location  ) 
void nsIImportMail::GetDefaultLocation ( out nsIFile  location,
out boolean  found,
out boolean  userVerify 
unsigned long nsIImportMail::GetImportProgress (  ) 
void nsIImportMail::ImportMailbox ( in nsIImportMailboxDescriptor  source,
in nsIFile  destination,
out wstring  errorLog,
out wstring  successLog,
out boolean  fatalError 
AString nsIImportMail::translateFolderName ( in AString  aFolderName  ) 

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