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nsIImportFieldMap Interface Reference

import "nsIImportFieldMap.idl";

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Public Member Functions

wstring GetFieldDescription (in long index)
void SetFieldMapSize (in long size)
void DefaultFieldMap (in long size)
long GetFieldMap (in long index)
void SetFieldMap (in long index, in long fieldNum)
void SetFieldMapByDescription (in long index, in wstring fieldDesc)
boolean GetFieldActive (in long index)
void SetFieldActive (in long index, in boolean active)
void SetFieldValue (in nsIAddrDatabase database, in nsIMdbRow row, in long fieldNum, in wstring value)
void SetFieldValueByDescription (in nsIAddrDatabase database, in nsIMdbRow row, in wstring fieldDesc, in wstring value)
wstring GetFieldValue (in nsIAbCard card, in long fieldNum)
wstring GetFieldValueByDescription (in nsIAbCard card, in wstring fieldDesc)

Public Attributes

attribute boolean skipFirstRecord
readonly attribute long numMozFields
readonly attribute long mapSize

Member Function Documentation

void nsIImportFieldMap::DefaultFieldMap ( in long  size  ) 
boolean nsIImportFieldMap::GetFieldActive ( in long  index  ) 
wstring nsIImportFieldMap::GetFieldDescription ( in long  index  ) 
long nsIImportFieldMap::GetFieldMap ( in long  index  ) 
wstring nsIImportFieldMap::GetFieldValue ( in nsIAbCard  card,
in long  fieldNum 
wstring nsIImportFieldMap::GetFieldValueByDescription ( in nsIAbCard  card,
in wstring  fieldDesc 
void nsIImportFieldMap::SetFieldActive ( in long  index,
in boolean  active 
void nsIImportFieldMap::SetFieldMap ( in long  index,
in long  fieldNum 
void nsIImportFieldMap::SetFieldMapByDescription ( in long  index,
in wstring  fieldDesc 
void nsIImportFieldMap::SetFieldMapSize ( in long  size  ) 
void nsIImportFieldMap::SetFieldValue ( in nsIAddrDatabase  database,
in nsIMdbRow  row,
in long  fieldNum,
in wstring  value 
void nsIImportFieldMap::SetFieldValueByDescription ( in nsIAddrDatabase  database,
in nsIMdbRow  row,
in wstring  fieldDesc,
in wstring  value 

Member Data Documentation

readonly attribute long nsIImportFieldMap::mapSize
readonly attribute long nsIImportFieldMap::numMozFields

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