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nsIImportAddressBooks Interface Reference

import "nsIImportAddressBooks.idl";

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Public Member Functions

PRBool GetSupportsMultiple ()
PRBool GetAutoFind (out wstring description)
PRBool GetNeedsFieldMap (in nsIFile location)
void GetDefaultLocation (out nsIFile location, out boolean found, out boolean userVerify)
nsISupportsArray FindAddressBooks (in nsIFile location)
void InitFieldMap (in nsIImportFieldMap fieldMap)
void ImportAddressBook (in nsIImportABDescriptor aSource, in nsIAddrDatabase aDestination, in nsIImportFieldMap aFieldMap, in nsISupports aSupportService, in boolean aIsAddrLocHome, out wstring aErrorLog, out wstring aSuccessLog, out boolean aFatalError)
 Import a specific mailbox into the destination file supplied.
unsigned long GetImportProgress ()
void SetSampleLocation (in nsIFile location)
wstring GetSampleData (in long recordNumber, out boolean recordExists)

Member Function Documentation

nsISupportsArray nsIImportAddressBooks::FindAddressBooks ( in nsIFile  location  ) 
PRBool nsIImportAddressBooks::GetAutoFind ( out wstring  description  ) 
void nsIImportAddressBooks::GetDefaultLocation ( out nsIFile  location,
out boolean  found,
out boolean  userVerify 
unsigned long nsIImportAddressBooks::GetImportProgress (  ) 
PRBool nsIImportAddressBooks::GetNeedsFieldMap ( in nsIFile  location  ) 
wstring nsIImportAddressBooks::GetSampleData ( in long  recordNumber,
out boolean  recordExists 
PRBool nsIImportAddressBooks::GetSupportsMultiple (  ) 
void nsIImportAddressBooks::ImportAddressBook ( in nsIImportABDescriptor  aSource,
in nsIAddrDatabase  aDestination,
in nsIImportFieldMap  aFieldMap,
in nsISupports  aSupportService,
in boolean  aIsAddrLocHome,
out wstring  aErrorLog,
out wstring  aSuccessLog,
out boolean  aFatalError 

Import a specific mailbox into the destination file supplied.

If an error occurs that is non-fatal, the destination will be deleted and other mailbox's will be imported. If a fatal error occurs, the destination will be deleted and the import operation will abort.

aSource The source data for the import.
aDestination The proxy database for the destination of the import.
aFieldMap The field map containing the mapping of fields to be used in cvs and tab type imports.
aSupportService An optional proxy support service (nsnull is acceptable if it is not required), may be required for certain import types (e.g. nsIAbLDIFService for LDIF import).
aIsAddrLocHome Whether or not an address is the home location.
aErrorLog The error log from the import.
aSuccessLog The success log from the import.
aFatalError True if there was a fatal error doing the import.
void nsIImportAddressBooks::InitFieldMap ( in nsIImportFieldMap  fieldMap  ) 
void nsIImportAddressBooks::SetSampleLocation ( in nsIFile  location  ) 

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