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nsIImapIncomingServer Interface Reference

import "nsIImapIncomingServer.idl";

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Public Member Functions

void GetImapConnectionAndLoadUrl (in nsIEventTarget aClientEventTarget, in nsIImapUrl aImapUrl, in nsISupports aConsumer)
void RemoveConnection (in nsIImapProtocol aImapConnection)
void ResetNamespaceReferences ()
void pseudoInterruptMsgLoad (in nsIMsgFolder aImapFolder, in nsIMsgWindow aMsgWindow, out boolean interrupted)
void ResetConnection (in ACString folderName)
void CloseConnectionForFolder (in nsIMsgFolder aMsgFolder)
void reDiscoverAllFolders ()
nsIURI subscribeToFolder (in AString name, in boolean subscribe)
void GetNewMessagesForNonInboxFolders (in nsIMsgFolder aRootFolder, in nsIMsgWindow aWindow, in boolean forceAllFolders, in boolean performingBiff)
ACString getUriWithNamespacePrefixIfNecessary (in long namespaceType, in ACString originalUri)

Public Attributes

attribute long maximumConnectionsNumber
attribute long timeOutLimits
attribute ACString adminUrl
attribute ACString serverDirectory
attribute long capabilityPref
attribute boolean cleanupInboxOnExit
attribute nsMsgImapDeleteModel deleteModel
attribute boolean dualUseFolders
attribute long emptyTrashThreshhold
attribute ACString personalNamespace
attribute ACString publicNamespace
attribute ACString otherUsersNamespace
attribute boolean offlineDownload
attribute boolean overrideNamespaces
attribute boolean usingSubscription
attribute ACString manageMailAccountUrl
attribute boolean fetchByChunks
attribute boolean mimePartsOnDemand
attribute boolean isAOLServer
attribute boolean useIdle
attribute boolean isGMailServer
 Is this a GMail Server?
attribute boolean useCondStore
 See IMAP RFC 4551.
attribute boolean useCompressDeflate
 See IMAP RFC 4978.
attribute AString trashFolderName
attribute boolean downloadBodiesOnGetNewMail
attribute boolean autoSyncOfflineStores
attribute long autoSyncMaxAgeDays
 Max age of messages we will autosync to, or keep in offline store.
attribute boolean doingLsub
attribute boolean shuttingDown

Member Function Documentation

void nsIImapIncomingServer::CloseConnectionForFolder ( in nsIMsgFolder  aMsgFolder  ) 
void nsIImapIncomingServer::GetImapConnectionAndLoadUrl ( in nsIEventTarget  aClientEventTarget,
in nsIImapUrl  aImapUrl,
in nsISupports  aConsumer 
void nsIImapIncomingServer::GetNewMessagesForNonInboxFolders ( in nsIMsgFolder  aRootFolder,
in nsIMsgWindow  aWindow,
in boolean  forceAllFolders,
in boolean  performingBiff 
ACString nsIImapIncomingServer::getUriWithNamespacePrefixIfNecessary ( in long  namespaceType,
in ACString  originalUri 
void nsIImapIncomingServer::pseudoInterruptMsgLoad ( in nsIMsgFolder  aImapFolder,
in nsIMsgWindow  aMsgWindow,
out boolean  interrupted 
void nsIImapIncomingServer::reDiscoverAllFolders (  ) 
void nsIImapIncomingServer::RemoveConnection ( in nsIImapProtocol  aImapConnection  ) 
void nsIImapIncomingServer::ResetConnection ( in ACString  folderName  ) 
void nsIImapIncomingServer::ResetNamespaceReferences (  ) 
nsIURI nsIImapIncomingServer::subscribeToFolder ( in AString  name,
in boolean  subscribe 

Member Data Documentation

attribute ACString nsIImapIncomingServer::adminUrl

Max age of messages we will autosync to, or keep in offline store.

Is this a GMail Server?

See IMAP RFC 4978.

See IMAP RFC 4551.

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