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import "nsIHttpEventSink.idl";

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void onRedirect (in nsIHttpChannel httpChannel, in nsIChannel newChannel)
 Called when a redirect occurs due to a HTTP response like 302.

Detailed Description


Implement this interface to receive control over various HTTP events. The HTTP channel will try to get this interface from its notificationCallbacks attribute, and if it doesn't find it there it will look for it from its loadGroup's notificationCallbacks attribute.

These methods are called before onStartRequest, and should be handled SYNCHRONOUSLY.

Newly written code should use nsIChannelEventSink instead of this interface.

Member Function Documentation

void nsIHttpEventSink::onRedirect ( in nsIHttpChannel  httpChannel,
in nsIChannel  newChannel 

Called when a redirect occurs due to a HTTP response like 302.

The redirection may be to a non-http channel.

failure cancels redirect

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