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nsIHttpActivityObserver Interface Reference

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import "nsIHttpActivityObserver.idl";

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Public Member Functions

void observeActivity (in nsISupports aHttpChannel, in PRUint32 aActivityType, in PRUint32 aActivitySubtype, in PRTime aTimestamp, in PRUint64 aExtraSizeData, in ACString aExtraStringData)
 observe activity from the http transport

Public Attributes

readonly attribute boolean isActive
 This attribute is true when this interface is active and should observe http activities.
const unsigned long ACTIVITY_TYPE_SOCKET_TRANSPORT = 0x0001
const unsigned long ACTIVITY_TYPE_HTTP_TRANSACTION = 0x0002
const unsigned long ACTIVITY_SUBTYPE_REQUEST_HEADER = 0x5001
const unsigned long ACTIVITY_SUBTYPE_REQUEST_BODY_SENT = 0x5002
const unsigned long ACTIVITY_SUBTYPE_RESPONSE_START = 0x5003
const unsigned long ACTIVITY_SUBTYPE_RESPONSE_HEADER = 0x5004
const unsigned long ACTIVITY_SUBTYPE_RESPONSE_COMPLETE = 0x5005
const unsigned long ACTIVITY_SUBTYPE_TRANSACTION_CLOSE = 0x5006

Detailed Description


This interface provides a way for http activities to be reported to observers.

Member Function Documentation

void nsIHttpActivityObserver::observeActivity ( in nsISupports  aHttpChannel,
in PRUint32  aActivityType,
in PRUint32  aActivitySubtype,
in PRTime  aTimestamp,
in PRUint64  aExtraSizeData,
in ACString  aExtraStringData 

observe activity from the http transport

aHttpChannel nsISupports interface for the the http channel that generated this activity
aActivityType The value of this aActivityType will be one of ACTIVITY_TYPE_SOCKET_TRANSPORT or ACTIVITY_TYPE_HTTP_TRANSACTION
aActivitySubtype The value of this aActivitySubtype, will be depend on the value of aActivityType. When aActivityType is ACTIVITY_TYPE_SOCKET_TRANSPORT aActivitySubtype will be one of the nsISocketTransport::STATUS_???? values defined in nsISocketTransport.idl OR when aActivityType is ACTIVITY_TYPE_HTTP_TRANSACTION aActivitySubtype will be one of the nsIHttpActivityObserver::ACTIVITY_SUBTYPE_???? values defined below
aTimestamp microseconds past the epoch of Jan 1, 1970
aExtraSizeData Any extra size data optionally available with this activity
aExtraStringData Any extra string data optionally available with this activity

Member Data Documentation

This attribute is true when this interface is active and should observe http activities.

When false, observeActivity() should not be called. It is present for compatibility reasons and should be implemented only by nsHttpActivityDistributor.

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