Public Member Functions

nsIGnomeVFSService Interface Reference

import "nsIGnomeVFSService.idl";

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Public Member Functions

AUTF8String getMimeTypeFromExtension (in AUTF8String extension)
nsIGnomeVFSMimeApp getAppForMimeType (in AUTF8String mimeType)
AUTF8String getDescriptionForMimeType (in AUTF8String mimeType)
void showURI (in nsIURI uri)
void showURIForInput (in ACString uri)

Member Function Documentation

nsIGnomeVFSMimeApp nsIGnomeVFSService::getAppForMimeType ( in AUTF8String  mimeType  ) 
AUTF8String nsIGnomeVFSService::getDescriptionForMimeType ( in AUTF8String  mimeType  ) 
AUTF8String nsIGnomeVFSService::getMimeTypeFromExtension ( in AUTF8String  extension  ) 
void nsIGnomeVFSService::showURI ( in nsIURI  uri  ) 
void nsIGnomeVFSService::showURIForInput ( in ACString  uri  ) 

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