Public Member Functions

nsIGConfService Interface Reference

import "nsIGConfService.idl";

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Public Member Functions

boolean getBool (in AUTF8String key)
AUTF8String getString (in AUTF8String key)
long getInt (in AUTF8String key)
float getFloat (in AUTF8String key)
nsIArray getStringList (in AUTF8String key)
void setBool (in AUTF8String key, in boolean value)
void setString (in AUTF8String key, in AUTF8String value)
void setInt (in AUTF8String key, in long value)
void setFloat (in AUTF8String key, in float value)
AUTF8String getAppForProtocol (in AUTF8String scheme, out boolean enabled)
boolean handlerRequiresTerminal (in AUTF8String scheme)
void setAppForProtocol (in AUTF8String scheme, in AUTF8String command)

Member Function Documentation

AUTF8String nsIGConfService::getAppForProtocol ( in AUTF8String  scheme,
out boolean  enabled 
boolean nsIGConfService::getBool ( in AUTF8String  key  ) 
float nsIGConfService::getFloat ( in AUTF8String  key  ) 
long nsIGConfService::getInt ( in AUTF8String  key  ) 
AUTF8String nsIGConfService::getString ( in AUTF8String  key  ) 
nsIArray nsIGConfService::getStringList ( in AUTF8String  key  ) 
boolean nsIGConfService::handlerRequiresTerminal ( in AUTF8String  scheme  ) 
void nsIGConfService::setAppForProtocol ( in AUTF8String  scheme,
in AUTF8String  command 
void nsIGConfService::setBool ( in AUTF8String  key,
in boolean  value 
void nsIGConfService::setFloat ( in AUTF8String  key,
in float  value 
void nsIGConfService::setInt ( in AUTF8String  key,
in long  value 
void nsIGConfService::setString ( in AUTF8String  key,
in AUTF8String  value 

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