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nsIFileOutputStream Interface Reference

An output stream that lets you stream to a file. More...

import "nsIFileStreams.idl";

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Public Member Functions

void init (in nsIFile file, in long ioFlags, in long perm, in long behaviorFlags)

Detailed Description

An output stream that lets you stream to a file.

Member Function Documentation

void nsIFileOutputStream::init ( in nsIFile  file,
in long  ioFlags,
in long  perm,
in long  behaviorFlags 
file file to write to (must QI to nsILocalFile)
ioFlags file open flags listed in prio.h (see PR_Open documentation) or -1 to open the file in default mode (PR_WRONLY | PR_CREATE_FILE | PR_TRUNCATE)
perm file mode bits listed in prio.h or -1 to use the default permissions (0664)
behaviorFlags flags specifying various behaviors of the class (currently none supported)

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