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nsIEntityConverter Interface Reference

import "nsIEntityConverter.idl";

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Public Member Functions

string ConvertUTF32ToEntity (in unsigned long character, in unsigned long entityVersion)
string ConvertToEntity (in wchar character, in unsigned long entityVersion)
wstring ConvertToEntities (in wstring inString, in unsigned long entityVersion)

Public Attributes

const unsigned long entityNone = 0
const unsigned long html40Latin1 = 1
const unsigned long html40Symbols = 2
const unsigned long html40Special = 4
const unsigned long transliterate = 8
const unsigned long mathml20 = 16
const unsigned long html32 = html40Latin1
const unsigned long html40 = html40Latin1+html40Symbols+html40Special
const unsigned long entityW3C = html40+mathml20

Member Function Documentation

wstring nsIEntityConverter::ConvertToEntities ( in wstring  inString,
in unsigned long  entityVersion 
string nsIEntityConverter::ConvertToEntity ( in wchar  character,
in unsigned long  entityVersion 
string nsIEntityConverter::ConvertUTF32ToEntity ( in unsigned long  character,
in unsigned long  entityVersion 

Member Data Documentation

const unsigned long nsIEntityConverter::entityNone = 0
const unsigned long nsIEntityConverter::html40Latin1 = 1
const unsigned long nsIEntityConverter::html40Special = 4
const unsigned long nsIEntityConverter::html40Symbols = 2
const unsigned long nsIEntityConverter::mathml20 = 16
const unsigned long nsIEntityConverter::transliterate = 8

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