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nsIDocumentEncoderNodeFixup Interface Reference

import "nsIDocumentEncoder.idl";

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nsIDOMNode fixupNode (in nsIDOMNode aNode, out boolean aSerializeCloneKids)
 Create a fixed up version of a node.

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nsIDOMNode nsIDocumentEncoderNodeFixup::fixupNode ( in nsIDOMNode  aNode,
out boolean  aSerializeCloneKids 

Create a fixed up version of a node.

This method is called before each node in a document is about to be persisted. The implementor may return a new node with fixed up attributes or null. If null is returned the node should be used as-is.

aNode Node to fixup.
[OUT] aSerializeCloneKids True if the document encoder should apply recursive serialization to the children of the fixed up node instead of the children of the original node.
The resulting fixed up node.

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