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nsIDOMXULElement Interface Reference

import "nsIDOMXULElement.idl";

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Public Member Functions

void focus ()
void blur ()
void click ()
void doCommand ()
nsIDOMNodeList getElementsByAttribute (in DOMString name, in DOMString value)
nsIDOMNodeList getElementsByAttributeNS (in DOMString namespaceURI, in DOMString name, in DOMString value)

Public Attributes

attribute DOMString id
attribute DOMString className
attribute DOMString align
attribute DOMString dir
attribute DOMString flex
attribute DOMString flexGroup
attribute DOMString ordinal
attribute DOMString orient
attribute DOMString pack
attribute boolean hidden
attribute boolean collapsed
attribute DOMString observes
attribute DOMString menu
attribute DOMString contextMenu
attribute DOMString tooltip
attribute DOMString width
attribute DOMString height
attribute DOMString minWidth
attribute DOMString minHeight
attribute DOMString maxWidth
attribute DOMString maxHeight
attribute DOMString persist
attribute DOMString left
attribute DOMString top
attribute DOMString datasources
attribute DOMString ref
attribute DOMString tooltipText
attribute DOMString statusText
attribute boolean allowEvents
readonly attribute
readonly attribute
readonly attribute nsIRDFResource resource
readonly attribute nsIControllers controllers
readonly attribute nsIBoxObject boxObject

Member Function Documentation

void nsIDOMXULElement::blur (  ) 
void nsIDOMXULElement::click (  ) 
void nsIDOMXULElement::doCommand (  ) 
void nsIDOMXULElement::focus (  ) 
nsIDOMNodeList nsIDOMXULElement::getElementsByAttribute ( in DOMString  name,
in DOMString  value 
nsIDOMNodeList nsIDOMXULElement::getElementsByAttributeNS ( in DOMString  namespaceURI,
in DOMString  name,
in DOMString  value 

Member Data Documentation

attribute DOMString nsIDOMXULElement::align
attribute DOMString nsIDOMXULElement::className
attribute DOMString nsIDOMXULElement::contextMenu
attribute DOMString nsIDOMXULElement::datasources
attribute DOMString nsIDOMXULElement::dir
attribute DOMString nsIDOMXULElement::flex
attribute DOMString nsIDOMXULElement::flexGroup
attribute DOMString nsIDOMXULElement::height
attribute DOMString nsIDOMXULElement::id
attribute DOMString nsIDOMXULElement::left
attribute DOMString nsIDOMXULElement::maxHeight
attribute DOMString nsIDOMXULElement::maxWidth
attribute DOMString nsIDOMXULElement::menu
attribute DOMString nsIDOMXULElement::minHeight
attribute DOMString nsIDOMXULElement::minWidth
attribute DOMString nsIDOMXULElement::observes
attribute DOMString nsIDOMXULElement::ordinal
attribute DOMString nsIDOMXULElement::orient
attribute DOMString nsIDOMXULElement::pack
attribute DOMString nsIDOMXULElement::persist
attribute DOMString nsIDOMXULElement::ref
attribute DOMString nsIDOMXULElement::statusText
attribute DOMString nsIDOMXULElement::tooltip
attribute DOMString nsIDOMXULElement::tooltipText
attribute DOMString nsIDOMXULElement::top
attribute DOMString nsIDOMXULElement::width

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